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Matt Fitzgerald

In episode 141 of The Physical Performance Show Lewis Craig shares a conversation with Matt Fitzgerald – Best Selling Author ‘80/20 Running’ (Interest Edition)

Matt Fitgerald is an acclaimed endurance sports and nutrition writer. He is the Author of the Best Selling books “Racing Weight” and “How Bad Do you Want It?” Matt is a Regular Columnist for magazines such as Competitor, Bicycle and Men’s Health Triathlete Men’s Journal, Outside Runners World and Women’s Health. Most recently Matt co-authored his latest book called “80/20 Triathlon” which is a further exploration of the theme of the best-selling 80/20 Running.

In this conversation Matt shares around the concept that if you want to run faster then why it is important to slow down. Through research analysis and then output into a version that is reader friendly in 80/20 running, Matt will explain why the secret of becoming a speedier runner is going slow most of the time. It is contradictory but as Matt explains in today’s conversation, it is a habit and a training principle that has withstood the ages and underpins the performance of the world’s best runners today. Simply put, running too hard Matt believes is the single most common and detrimental mistake that runners make. So join into this conversation with Lewis Craig, Pogo Physiotherapist had with best-selling Author Matt Fitzgerald, here it is.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Definition of 80/20 in Endurance
  • The most common fundamental running mistake
  • Why low intensity is very important
  • How low intensity helps runners
  • How do Runners start 80/20
  • The Fine Print of 80/20
  • How to Plan your Training
  • Recommendation for Race Pace
  • Cross Training for Runners
  • Key distinctions for Triathletes using the 80/20 Rule
  • Implementing the 80/20 Rule
  • 80/20 Rule based on Time and Distance
  • Next steps in movement of 80/20 Approach

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Matt Fitzgerald Matt Fitzgerald


“People are choosing an effort level that feels moderate to them.”
“Resting before you race.”
“No matter how talented you are, you can’t really succeed at the highest level unless you train the best possible way.”
“You can handle and benefit from so much low intensity.”
“Do a week of slow.”
“Figure out what low intensity is for you.”
“The 80/20 rule of endurance training is NOT the only rule.”
“Ongoing planning and monitoring to make sure you obey the 80/20 rule.”
“The 80/20 rule does not necessarily apply all the time.”
“Pacing is really what the sport is all about.”
“Getting a sense of what your race pace is and practicing it is essential.
“Your race pace training should come in the context of longer runs.”
“I’m a big believer in the value of cross training for runners.”
“You can train more without running more.”
“Elite athletes are training the same way when you look at intensity distribution.”
“Do what works.”
“Have a plan and execute it!”
“A lot of injuries result from abnormalities in your stride technique.
“If you want to become more efficient as a runner, RUN.”
“Intensity Blindness is simply not knowing what low intensity is.”
“Running Time and Running Distance are closely connected.”
“Your body doesn’t operate in distance, it operates in time.
“You have to understand the mathematical relationship between distance and time.”
“Don’t get too caught up in the numbers.”
“You should be at a low intensity, when you mean to be at low intensity.”

To follow Matt Fitzgerald:

Twitter:  @mattfitwriter
Facebook: @matt.fitzgerald.9022
Website: Matt Fitzgerald
 8020 Endurance



0:00 Start
1:50 Introduction to Matt Fitzgerald
3:55 Welcome Matt Fitzgerald
4:30 How Matt writes the 80/20 Running
6:05 Definition of 80/20 in Endurance
8:52 The most common fundamental running mistake
11:25 Why low intensity is very important
16:00 How low intensity helps runners
19:05 How do Runners start 80/20
23:22 The Fine Print of 80/20
27:50 How to Plan your Training
32:10 Recommendation for Race Pace
37:16 Cross Training for Runners
41:00 Key distinctions for Triathletes using the 80/20 Rule
50:43 Implementing 80/20 Rule
53:59 80/20 Rule based on Time and Distance
56:40 Next steps in movement in 80/20 Approach
1:01:36 Finish

Matt Fitzgerald Matt Fitzgerald

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