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Dr Will O'Connor

In episode 260 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer shares a conversation with Dr Will O’Connor, Sports Scientist, ‘Running with Power’ on this Expert Edition.

Dr Will O’Connor is known as the running science guy. Dr Will utilises his PhD in Sports Science and experience as an elite ultra-athlete to help athletes and everyday people realise their potential.

You’ll hear today why Dr Will believes that for runners to realise their potential running with power is a key tool that they must implement. It is now on my to do list and during today’s conversation we’ll hear Dr Will share around what running with power is all about, why it’s useful, how it differs to the power generated with cycling, why Dr Will believes it is a better metric for running than pace, heart rate, or even perception of effort and practically how to get started in running with power. Dr Will outlines his preferred technology and data platforms to make sense of running with power and then apply it to our training and racing efforts.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Will’s background in endurance sports
  • Running Power
  • How do you start running with Power
  • How to use the data
  • What effect does hill running have on Power
  • Applications towards injury
  • Running bends efficiently
  • Best Advice
  • Physical Challenge

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To follow Dr Will O’Connor:

Website: Dr Will O’Connor
Instagram: @drwilloconnor
YouTube: Dr Will O’Connor
Linkedin: Dr Will O’Connor

Website and Podcast: Performance Advantage Podcast


0:00 Start
3:30 Will’s background in endurance sports
11:45 Running Power
20:40 How do you start running with Power
37:50 How to use the data
42:30 What effect does hill running have on Power
47:30 Applications towards injury
52:30 Running bends efficiently
56:00 Best Advice
56:55 Physical Challenge
1:02:51 Finish

People Mentioned

Greg Bennett – Retired Australian Professional Olympic Athlete
Hamish Carter – New Zealand Triathlete
Bevan Docherty – New Zealand Olympian
Mike Phillips – New Zealand Ironman Champion
Bryan Rhodes – New Zealand Ironman Champion Triathlete
Prof Steve Stannard – Professor of Exercise Physiology
Matt Miller – Sports Scientist


Paper: Metabolic Flexibility

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