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Ben St Lawrence

Episode 97: Ben St Lawrence – AUS 10,000 Record Holder & Dual Olympian

In episode 97 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer has a conversation with Ben St Lawrence – AUS 10,000 Record Holder & Dual Olympian.

Ben St Lawrence’s career is impressive, he is the fastest Australian ever over 10,000m.  He is also a dual Olympic representative for Australia in the 10,000m.  Ben has raced two world Cross Country Championships, 2 World Athletics Championships and 2 Commonwealth Games.

During this episode we unpack Ben’s junior running years, his emergence into his university years, the partying and drinking and the turning point.  In 2016 Ben was watching Craig Mottram at the Commonwealth Games and that was when he decided to change.  We discover what it took to go from spectator to Commonwealth Games Representative and Olympian.  The recovery required after surgery for a Hamstring injury.  We also touch on Ben’s involvement and passion for Runcrew as well as the Highs and Lows of what is a remarkable career to date.  There is so much gold in this episode that should not be missed.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Running Personal Bests
  • Growing up in the Blue Mountains
  • Getting into serious running
  • Where the running genes came from
  • The Party years and hitting Rock Bottom
  • Getting Healthy again
  • From being a fan to racing next to idols
  • Qualifying for Olympic Games
  • Running a Personal Best
  • Struggling with Injury
  • Performance Race Highlights
  • Performance Round Questions
  • Run Crew Coaching
  • Transformation Story from Run Crew
  • Running too hard during a marathon

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‘Consistency is key’ – Best Advice
‘Nutrition and Sleep’ – Best Recovery Tip
‘Do the right thing so that you know you gave it everything!’ – Mantra
‘That should be me out there running’
‘What other challenges do I want to try?’
‘What else can I get out of an aging body?’
‘I’m going to do my best to make the next Commonwealth Games’
‘Patience and persistence is key but anything is possible’

 Ben St Lawrence Ben St Lawrence

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0:00 Start
1:00 Intro to Ben St Lawrence
4:05 Running Personal Bests
8:00 Growing up in the Blue Mountains
13:00 Getting into serious running
15:40 Where the running genes come from
18:00 Party years
20:30 Hitting Rock Bottom
23:00 Getting Healthy again
27:00 From Fan to racing next to idols
31:00 Secret ingredients for lead up to the Games
34:00 Qualifying for Olympic Games
38:00 Running a PB
42:00 Struggling with Injury
52:00 Performance Race Highlights
55:00 Performance Round
59:30 Mantra
1:04:30 Run Crew Coaching
1:07:00 Transformation Story
1:09:45 Best Advice
1:11:30 Running too hard during a marathon
1:15:30 Physical Challenge
1:23:00 Finish

Ben St Lawrence

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