The Physical Performance Show: Assistant Prof Patrick Wilson (PhD) REWIRED, Sport Nutrition Scientist: The Athlete’s Gut

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Episode 345 of The Physical Performance Show is a rewired Expert Edition featuring Assistant Prof Patrick Wilson (PhD), Sport Nutrition Scientist: The Athlete’s Gut.

Patrick is the author of “The Athlete’s Gut – The Inside Science of digesting nutrition and stomach distress”, a must read and resource for all practitioners, athletes and coaches working in the field of endurance sports.

In this episode Patrick shares around gut anatomy and physiology, he touches on the remarkable trainability of our gut and discusses in detail common gut issues, the signs or symptoms, what goes wrong and why, and the influence that our psychology has on the athlete’s gut function.

Patrick also shares around hydration, fuelling, energy availability, hydrogel technology, FODMAPs and salt & sodium loading.

To listen to Episode 345:


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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Reason behind writing the book on Gut Health
  • Anatomy 101 of the Gut
  • Gut symptoms that can afflict athletes
  • Common origins of the side stitch
  • Important fuelling points for athletes
  • Carbohydrate ingestion
  • Guidelines around Fructose/Glucose mixture
  • Hydro-gel technology
  • Fats and proteins
  • Sodium intake
  • Tips around fluid intake
  • Trainability of the gut
  • The effect of stress on the gut
  • Top 3 mistakes athletes make with gut health

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