A Step-by-Step Guide to Using ACWR

 In Running


One of the best objective ways to track a runner’s training loads is using the Acute on Chronic Workload Ratio (ACWR). The ACWR is a great tool for tracking your training loads (internal and external) and avoiding the spikes in training loads that can decrease your performance and also heighten the risk of injury.

To help clarify I’ve put together this simply vlog. If you would like a copy of a sample ACWR plan please email l.craig@pogophysio.com.au

To Help Guide the use of Rating of Perceived Exertion in training (RPE) here is a guide: (1/10 scale)

  • 1 = casual stroll
  • 2 = brisk walk
  • 3 = slow shuffle
  • 4 = comfortable all day pace
  • 5 = easy conversational
  • 6 = can still talk but a little bit more difficult
  • 7 = deep and laboured breathing, 2 or 3 sentences
  • 8 = replies in short sentence
  • 9 = extremely difficult, can say a few words
  • 10 = maximal, all out sprint



Lewis Craig (APAM)
POGO Physiotherapist
Masters of Physiotherapy

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  • Shaun Street

    Hi Lewis,

    I just viewed your video about using ACWR…..good stuff!

    I’d be extremely grateful if you could share your ACWR spreadsheet with me please.



    • Brad Beer

      Pleased you found it helpful Shaun.

      I have just email you and cc Lewis Craig in.

      Regards Brad Beer

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