Discover Recover™ Sessions

The best way to get an accurate diagnosis and get you to your physiotherapy finish line fast.

We know that you want 4 key questions answered during an initial physiotherapy consultation:

  • 1. What is my injury?

  • 2. What caused it?

  • 3. How long will it take to fix my injury?

  • 4. How much will it cost?

To ensure you get your physiotherapy experience off to the best start possible we have engineered our Discover Recover™ Sessions to ensure that leave with these important questions answered, an accurate diagnosis, effective treatment, and immediate pain relief.

We insist on our initial physiotherapy appointments being 60 minutes in duration. This is to ensure you are thoroughly assessed, your goals are fully understood, and an accurate diagnosis can be made. We believe any less than 60 minutes initially and important things can be missed.

Your Discover Recover™ Sessions will include:

  • A comprehensive assessment (the diagnosis and the identification
    of your injury’s causative factors).
  • Hands on treatment (to give you some immediate pain-relief and improvement of your condition or injury). An explanation of how long your recovery will take (the prognosis).
  • Identification of your treatment goals and Finish Line options.
  • Outline of treatment options available to you (the cost).
  • The beginning of a home exercise program to help you immediately
    begin to make the best progress.
Discover Recover™ Session One Session Two
Diagnosis Yes
Contribution Factors Yes
Treatment Yes Yes
Recommendations Yes Yes
Prognosis Yes
Cost  Yes  Yes

The 7 Step Process

Our 7 Step Treatment Method is designed to lead our clients out of pain, back to their physical activity or interest, and then ultimately into discovering their physical best performance. Your Discover Recover™ Sessions get you started on this 7 Step Method, and we’ll recommend a program that best suits treatment of your diagnosis.