Why Do Running Injuries Occur?

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Up to 80% of runners can end up injured inside any given year of running. The bulk (approximately 75%) of these injuries are ‘overuse’ or repetitive stress injuries. An example of such an overuse injury is ‘shin splints’ or shin pain, or Achilles tendon problems.

In this video POGO’s Founder and Senior Physio and Author of ‘You Can Run Pain Free-a Physio’s 5 Steps to Enjoying Injury-Free and Faster Running’ Brad Beer shares the key reasons why running injuries occur.

It’s important to understand the reasons why a running injury develops in order to be able to effectively rehabilitate the injury.

Typically there are five key drivers or causes of running injuries. They are:

1. Your body (patterns of muscle weakness, tightness, imbalances that expose you to injury).

2. Your running technique (technique flaws will contribute to adverse loading of lower limb structures).

3. Your footwear selection (for example old and inappropriate shoes).

4. Your hip stability (it’s critical to have sufficient hip stability in order to decrease unwanted loads on lower limb structures)

5. Training errors (errors in training-doing too much too soon, adding hills into a program, not scheduling sufficient rest etc).

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Yours in Injury Free Running,

Brad Beer (APAM)

B. Physiotherapy/B Exercise Science

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