5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Your Next Pair of Running Shoes

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When you are about to purchase your next pair of running shoes here’s 5 mistakes to avoid:

  • MISTAKE 1:

    Transitioning to running in minimalist or lighter running shoes too quickly. A too quick of transition will adversely load the achilles tendon and calves. This adverse loading will make the claves and achilles tender, tight, and susceptible to injury.

  • MISTAKE 2:

    Changing shoes just before a race. Many runners panic about their shoe selection leading into a major event. Don’t panic, stick with what you know. Blisters are a common side effect from racing or training in a new pair of shoes.

  • MISTAKE 3:

    Believing that the most expensive running shoe is your best choose. The most expensive shoes are seldom the best for every runner. Quite often the shoe with the highest $RRP is the maximum stability shoe in that particular shoe range. Such shoes are typically bulky and heavy. When a runner has gained knowledge of steps one and two such a heavy and motion controlling shoe may not actually be required.

  • MISTAKE 4:

    Wearing shoes for too long.  Many runners run in their shoes for far too long. They resist spending money to replace their old shoes. Running in old shoes increases the runner’s lower limb injury risk. The effect of this is an over loading of the bony structures. Typically the toes or shins will begin to become sore.

  • MISTAKE 5:

    Race and train in different shoes. I encourage runners where possible to race in a lightweight shoe (for performance) and train in something more supportive and heavy. Because the period of time spent in a racing shoe is only a small period of time relative to the overall time spent training, the wearing of a lighter shoe does not tend to create too much by way of problems or injuries.


Brad Beer (APAM)

Physiotherapist, Author, Runner, POGO Founder

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