The Benefits of Whole Body Vibration Technology

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 What is Whole Body Vibration Technology?

Whole Body Vibration is a revolutionary training technique used to achieve an enormous range of health and fitness benefits. As apparent by its name, Whole Body Vibration Technology (WBVT) involves exposing the entire body to vibration through the use of a vibrating platform. WBVT is becoming increasingly popular therapeutic tool to aid in reducing pain, recovering from injuries and improving performance. Today we explore the role WBVT at POGO could play in helping you return from injury, perform at your best and do the things you love to do.

Where did it come from?

The use of vibration for therapeutic effects is not new, with records dating back to the ancient Greeks utilizing vibration to enhance healing from injuries. The use of modern WBVT machines emerged in the 1970’s providing Russian cosmonauts with an effective method to combat losses in bone density and muscle strength caused by spending time in zero gravity. It is now used extensively throughout North America and Europe by elite sporting clubs and athletes, with a growing popularity in Australia due to the large number of targeted uses and benefits available.

How does it work?

The WBV machine transmits rhythmic vibrations to a platform, which the person can sit or stand and complete exercises upon. The vibrations activate muscle spindles, which are the muscle’s receptors responsive to stretch. The sustained activation of the muscle spindles, results in activation of the tonic vibration reflex. The tonic vibration reflex (TVR) causes muscle contraction and increases the recruitment and synchronization of motor units within the muscle. Additionally the vibration also stimulates joint receptors enabling the body to gain more awareness of its posture and positioning. The intensity, direction and frequency of the vibration platforms are essential to their therapeutic effect. Different vibration platforms have different characteristics, perform differently and resultantly will produce different outcomes. The WBVT system utilised at POGO is the GALILEO, which has shown evidence of great benefits and helped numerous POGO clients get results.

The benefits:

Increased muscle strength and power (Delecluse et al 2003) increased motor unit activation (Paradisis & Zacharogiannis 2007; Lamont et al 2006; Cormie et al. 2006; Bosco et al 1999, 2000; Rittweger, 2001, 2002; Abercromby et al. 2005, 2006)

  • Increased bone density (Rittweger et al 2004, Felsenberg et al 2004, Bleeker et al 2005, Blottner et al 2006)
  • Increased blood circulation and lymphatic flow (Kerscjan-Schindl et al 2001; Lohman et al. 2007)
  • Improved healing of tendon pain
  • Improved core stability
  • Improved balance in the elderly
  • Improved proprioception (joint position sense) (post ACL-reconstruction – Moezy et al., 2008)
  • Improved posture (Fontana 2005)
  • Decreased lower back pain
  • Increased growth hormone and testosterone
  • Time and cost effective!

Whole body vibration is often utilised in conjunction with manual therapy techniques and exercises to reduce pain, optimise your recovery from injury, improve performance and help get you results. To find out more about Galileo and WBVT follow the link below or come in and ask your POGO physiotherapist today.

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