7 mistakes to avoid before choosing a physiotherapist

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7 mistakes to avoid before choosing a physiotherapist

As physiotherapists we see it all the time. People make some all too common errors resulting in poor selection of the physiotherapist they will end up working with. A poorly selected physiotherapist  may result in  delayed treatment outcomes, greater cost to the client, and potential feelings of frustration.

Before you select your physiotherapist take note of these 7 commonly made errors: 

  1. Selecting a physiotherapist just on convenience. Just because a physiotherapist  is located close by does not  mean you will get good care. You may jag it and perhaps the closet physiotherapy clinic to you has the best physiotherapy team. Generally though proximity is not correlated to skill.
  2. Not doing any research. Before choosing your physiotherapist why don’t you GOOGLE them. What’s the ‘word on the street’ about the clinic or the particular physiotherapist you are looking to work with?
  3. Not selecting a physiotherapist niched in your area of concern. All physiotherapists have areas of special interest and heightened clinical skill. Search for the physiotherapist that appears to be most closely aligned to what you need. One such ‘niched’ example might be the most competent physiotherapist who specialises in badminton injuries.
  4. Not asking your friends. There is nothing like confirmation that your selected physiotherapist has a good reputation to bolster your confidence in your choice (or otherwise!). One increasingly common way of selecting a health practitioner that I have become aware of is posting a Facebook post along the lines of ‘does anyone know of a good physio?’
  5. Choosing on price. It’s no secret that physiotherapy is a professional service – it’s not cheap. Like almost any product or service the cheapest is rarely the best quality. Price check until you are comfortable with the service fee married with the other considerations.
  6. Not checking to see if the physiotherapist is registered with the Australian Physiotherapy  Association.
  7. Failing to clarify your expectations before treatment begins. Unmet expectations will serve as the root course of disappointment with any treatment be sure to clarify your expectations with the physio you select before you begin the treatment process.

All the best when selecting your physiotherapist. In summary ask your friends and  do your homework in order to heighten your chances of making a great physiotherapist to work with.

Brad Beer (APAM)

Physiotherapist, Best Selling Author, Founder POGO


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  • Drcris@drcris.com.au

    So true! Great tips.

  • Jeff Madison

    I appreciate your tip on always doing research before you choose a physiotherapist. I would imagine that doing some googling on a physiotherapist would be a good way to get some basic information about them. My wife and I are looking for a specialist so maybe we should do some basic research into them before choosing anyone.

    • Brad Beer

      Yes indeed Jeff.

      Regards Brad Beer

  • Ivy Baker

    This is some really good information about physiotherapy. It is good to know that it would be smart to ask family and friends for recommendations. That does seem like a good way to find a therapist that will be able to work well with you.

    • Brad Beer

      Thanks Ivy-yes we agree!

      Regards Brad Beer

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