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The POGO Physio Blog

We are youthful, forward thinking, community minded, and award winning Gold Coast Physiotherapy practice.

We exist to help your perform at your physical best so that you can enjoy the physical things that you love to do in life!

At POGO we do three things really well: physio, pilates, and remedial massage.

We’re afraid that if you need anything else we won’t be able to help you. Don’t ask any of the male physios to mow your lawn, change a light bulb, or hang a picture. We probably wouldn’t know where to start! We just do physio. As for the girls they’re naturally more rounded-they are multi-tasking geniuses-and they do very good physio.

We get out of bed each day, shine our shoes, do our hair, and apply fragrance for one reason, to empower the Gold Coast community with their journey of attaining and maintaining optimal physical health.

In short we:

  1. deliver 1st class service and in a fun and positive atmosphere.
  2. genuinely care about our client’s health, life, and overall well-being.
  3. empower our clients to achieve results and maintain them.

We’re so confident we can help you with your physio, pilates, and massage needs that we even put up in lights our RESULTS OR WE’RE FREE GUARANTEE.

That’s enough of a shameless plug about what we do.

The POGO Blog will be a cool resource for easy to digest practical and useful body information. We want to keep it informative and a little entertaining too.



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