The Physical Performance Show: Vic Mitchell (OLY), 5x AUS 3000m Steeplechase Champion ‘Returning to Sport Postpartum’

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Vic Mitchell

In episode 271 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer shares a conversation with Vic Mitchell (OLY), 5x AUS 3000m Steeplechase Champion ‘Returning to Sport Postpartum’ on this Featured Performer episode.

Vic Mitchell is an Australian dual Olympian, three times Commonwealth Games representative and five times Australian National 3000m Steeplechase Champion and whilst at college in the US the NCAA very coveted title for the 3000m Steeples. Victoria has represented Australia three times at the Commonwealth Games, Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and Rio 2016 Olympic Games appearances as well.

This episode is unique for so many reasons, it’s the first conducted with a guest who has shared their career highs, lows and learnings whilst simultaneously breastfeeding. Victoria’s journey and her story is very unique. Vic mentions some real-life hardships, these include enduring sexual assault as a child, falling pregnant whilst part of the collegiate US track running scene, terminating a pregnancy, the ensuing self-harm that resulted and she shares around her efforts to restore and regain her life after enduring such hardships.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Introduction and Career highlights
  • Darkest Days
  • Overcoming her darkest days
  • 2018 Commonwealth Games
  • Returning to sport postpartum
  • Bone stress injury
  • Performance Round
  • Physical Challenge for the Week
  • Best Advice
  • Making training decisions
  • 2021 Schedule

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“I trust myself and I tune in to my body knowing when it is enough and when it is too much”
“Flip it till I get to” – Mantra
“Stretching and hot bath” – Recovery Tip
“Trust yourself more” – Best Advise
“I’d rather miss one game than miss 2 weeks or even more.”
“Why limit yourself, just see what you can do”

To follow Vic Mitchell

Instagram: @vicmitchell1


0:00 Start
04:15 Introduction and Career highlights
11:30 Darkest Days
18:55 Overcoming her darkest days
21:15 2018 Commonwealth Games
25:50 Returning to sport postpartum
30:55 Bone stress injury
41:55 Performance Round
47:50 Physical Challenge for the Week
49:30 Best Advice
52:37 Making training decisions
56:48 2021 schedule
58:47 Finish

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