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Pat Carroll

Episode 59: Pat Carroll – AUS Marathon Legend

Brad Beer recently sat down with Pat Carroll – AUS Marathon Legend for Episode 59 of The Physical Performance Show podcast.

Brad has a fire-side chat with Pat who unpacks who the origins of his running with a debut marathon of 2:48 to his PB of 2:09:39.  He shares the highs and lows of his career, training philosophies and his knowledge and expertise as an elite runner and coach.

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In this episode Pat shares:

  • Pat on Fame
  • Extracting maximum running
  • Training during his younger years
  • Being Inspired
  • First marathon training
  • Qualifying period
  • Weight through peak running
  • Performance Round Questions
  • Recovery tips
  • Focusing on your best results
  • Getting an injury from recovery training
  • Best Advice
  • Pat’s coaching program
  • Physical Challenge – 30 Second Hill Reps

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To follow Pat on social Facebook, @pcrg_running (Insta)

Pat Carroll Website

Pat Carroll Pat Carroll


0:00 Start
5:30 Introduction to Pat Carroll
7:00 Pat on Fame
11:30 Extracting maximum running
13:50 Training during his younger years
16:30 Being Inspired
20:00 First marathon training
29:00 Qualifying period
35:00 Weight through peak running
41:50 Performance Round Questions
45:30 Recovery tips
50:30 Focussing on your best results
57:50 Getting an injury from recovery training
61:50 Best Advice
66:30 Pat’s coaching program
71:23 Physical Challenge – 30 Second Hill Reps
80:15 Finish

Pat Carroll

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Showing 2 comments
  • Roger

    Hi Brad

    Continue to really enjoy all you are doing a strong advocate.

    Enjoy Pat Carroll and his ’embrace the suck approach’.

    I have a ‘guest challenge’ for you!

    Firstly the missing link to me on the marathon front is Derek Clayton – PR 2.08.36 or so (world record for 13 years)! Obviously pre Derek though 2x Olympian and top 20s. Seems to be ageing gracefully and based in Europe. Anyways just a thought.

    Separately would love for you to interview Crowie – trained with him back in the day (mid 1990s) @ Balmoral / Centennial Park and when catching him when racing in Kona after a personal 17 years lay off he has not changed a bit. So much good and lessons in his story.

    Cheers Roger

    • Brad Beer

      Hi Roger,

      Thanks very much for your guest challenge-noted and accepted!

      Agree Derek and Crowie would be great guests!

      Thanks for your support.

      Regards Brad Beer

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