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Download history

TPPS has enjoyed strong growth across the 2019 calendar year. In 2018 the total number of downloads for the calendar year was 217, 296, while in 2019 that number grew by 64% to 341, 464 for the year.

The total number of Show downloads to date is now over 850,000 (at time of blog publishing)

The peak download month was November, with  35,154 downloads.


Geography wise downloaded from 127 countries (see below) with the top 10 countries being also outlined below.


Hours listened

For the last 60 days of the 2019 calender year the total hours of downloads for Episodes downloaded from iTunes is shown below:

2019 Survey Results

Q1: How did you find out about TPPS?

A variety of ways was outlined. Some sample responses below:

  • It was a few years ago but I think through social media and possibly a fellow Running Mums Australia recommended it.
  • Searching in podcast player apps and doing research: ‘Scrolling through Apple Podcasts for a new show to listen to’, ‘I searched athletics coaches in my Castbox podcast app and came across The Physical Performance Show’, ‘I had patella tendinopathy a couple of years ago and was doing some research on tendon rehab and came across POGO Physio and the physical performance show during my research’
  • Social media: POGO Physio, Brad Beer Instagram and Twitter
  • You CAN Run Pain Free! Book
  • Podcast appearances on other Show’s eg ‘Running for Real’ hosted by Tina Muir.
  • Guests of Show sharing it: ‘Interview with Lionel Sanders and he posted it on his social media. I have been hooked ever since and listened to many of the past episode (especially those with runners and triathletes)’ 

Q2. On a scale of 0-10 how would you rate TPPS?

A score of 9/10 was the average for overall satisfaction rating as shown below graphically:

Q3. Reason for above responses:

This question provided some useful feedback on things that TPPS is doing well. Responses included:

  • Great variety of guests and great format. Delivers entertainment and content! Motivating high performers that thanks to Brad talk about the highs, lows and learnings. Professionals and leaders in their fields that provide advice and tips.
  • Very informative. Quite often answers the questions I have and provides practical advice
  • The expert editions are worthy listening with Brad extracting valuable and practical information for listeners. I also like the performer shows to hear about athletes (mainly runners) who I wouldn’t have been exposed to otherwise. The rapid and performance rounds are always good to tune into
  • Always a great listen and can always learn and take something away from each podcast no matter if you are an athlete or recreational runner, sportsperson etc
  • Always insightful, always learning and very relevant topics from professionals in the industry. Fantastic selection of athletes across varied fields, with some incredible life and sport journeys to hear about

Q4. How likely are you to refer someone to listen to The Physical Performance Show?

 This question was encouragingly responded to, with 80% of respondents scoring 10/10 for referring the Show.


Q5. Reasons for above response:

Sample responses below:

  • I find it inspiring listening to the athletes tell their stories
  • My family is inactive…now friends and colleagues I have advised, and even students
  • I feel confident in referring people to listen to the podcast as I know they will find something they will not only enjoy but will leave with great takeaways. Great insights, tips and advice, a book to read or the weekly challenge.
  • I get a lot out of the show and I know my running friends/colleagues will too. I often tag friends in social media episode post when it is relevant for them and I know they will get something out of the show.
  • I have and will continue to refer friends to the show because of its relevance across so many topics related to physical performance.
  • Because I regularly did refer people to it. Often in discussions people talk about a worry, concern, injury, training problem ect, and I refer them not only to the show but the episode where they can gather information relevant to them.

Q6. What is one thing that could be done to improve the Show?

Sample answers below:

  • Push the guest a bit, ask for evidence, probing questions…be specific…is this based on research, experience, or just your gut feeling—-any of those is OK, but we need to be clear.
  • I really love the show as it is. Selfishly I would always want more running/marathon guests. Possibly the inclusion of a physio episode with Brad going through some common injuries and treatment/home rehab suggestions?
  • I’m not sure how, but if there was a window of time (say 5 days) after each episode where any questions from that particular edition could be emailed or sent if someone wanted to know more about the particular topic. (In the case of expert editions that is)
  • Things are great. I like a rotation of guests and shows. For example, keep rotating an expert edition to a featured performer and so on. Another idea is to have a question and answer episode every 4 months. This could work by listeners being able to send through questions to certain guests that have appeared on the show in that time period and Brad could get the answers from the guests then share these with listeners. Hope that make sense, happy to discuss further.
  • I don’t recall hearing many if any coaches corners. I think also the types of sports could be expanded a little to cover a greater variety of athletes. I’m a rower and cyclist for example and would love to hear from those types of athletes/coaches. The greater the variety of guests, the more insights could be attained Answer to #9 below – only rated coaches corner 4th because I don’t think I’ve heard any
  • This is hard, I’m a big believer in the saying ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ so my advice if changes were to be made make them small changes. But I have no ideas sorry, I like it the way it is. (Actually I’ve often thought it would be good to turn it in to a TV show so the listener/viewer can get visuals on what is being spoken about.)

Q7. How often would you like to hear Expert Editions?

40% of respondents replied that every second Episode, while 43% replied every 5th Episode. 16% suggested every 10th Episode. See below graph:


Q8.  In order to support production of the Show would you consider a $10 months Patreon subscription to be of value (in return for some goodies + bonuses etc?)

The response to this question was mixed. Some listeners replied that they would see value while others commented that they would not readily or historically haven’t paid for podcasts. Some sample responses below:

  • In theory yes. But most people don’t pay for content anymore.
  • No, I won’t pay for podcasts
  • I think as a runner, access to bonus content possibly home treatment/prehab exercises or strength exercises would be beneficial as a bonus. I think for a patreon offering to be successful there truly has to be a tangible benefit to the subscriber (ie – programs, videos a FB group or other content not just bonus episodes etc) and also not over doing it on the call to action in marketing the patreon subscription.
  • Yes, I supported a similar podcast which as I realise the benefit of the podcasts and know that they are not free to run.
  • Depends on what the goodies are but unlikely to. I listen to a lot of podcasts who all ask the same thing of their listeners. I feel my money would be better utilised elsewhere (e.g. World Vision, Climate Council, WWF etc.).

Q9.  Please order your favourite Episode types:

58% of respondents rated Expert Editions as their favourite Episodes, meanwhile 32% of respondents rated Featured Performer Episodes as their next most favourite episode type. See graph below:

Following the feedback changes to be implemented based on Survey Responses include:  

  • Connection: More attention given to the Facebook Page and the formation of a Closed Group where following an Episode going live, Show followers can ask the guest a question. While answers cannot be guaranteed -we will work with the guest to seek as many responses to questions as possible.
  • Commercial model: Show sponsorship vs monthly support donation eg Patreon model. This may be reviewed in time-for now we will continue with our existing Show Sponsorship model. Big thanks to the brands that have supported and continue to support the Show thus far see below for 2019 Episode Sponsors (please support these great brands):
  • Content: Focus on featuring more Expert Editions and Coaches Corner Episodes in 2020 and beyond, and when it comes to Featured Performers focus on endurance athletes, in particular runners and triathletes.

Thank you for supporting The Physical Performance Show podcast in 2019.



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