The Physical Performance Show: Oli Williamson, Senior Physiotherapist, British Triathlon ‘Navigating Triathlon & Endurance Sports Injuries-Part 1’

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Oli Williamson

In episode 239 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer shares a conversation with Oli Williamson, Senior Physiotherapist, British Triathlon ‘Navigating Triathlon & Endurance Sports Injuries in Part 1 of this Expert Edition.

In this week’s expert edition we feature Oli Williamson, Senior Physiotherapist for British Triathlon and the English Institute of Sport.  He shares around all things navigating triathlon and endurance sports injuries. Oli Williamson is based out of the Brownlee Triathlon Centre in Leeds University. He also consults privately from within the Manchester Institute of High Performance and Oli’s work with British Triathlon which has coincided with working with literally the planet’s best triathletes.

During this expert edition, Part One of navigating triathlon and endurance sports injuries, Oli reveals around the key overarching goal for any endurance athlete in order to achieve their physical best and how health professionals can assist in achieving that overall objective. Oli shares some fantastic insights around common swim, bike and run injuries. Injuries discussed include the pesky proximal hamstring tendon troubles, so many runners and triathletes/cyclists who may experience these issues will takeaway gold nuggets with how to approach this injury, kneecap pain for both cyclists and runners, swimming related injuries and of course, the common running injury involving bone stress.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Introduction to Oli Williamson
  • Career as a Physiotherapist
  • Training in full and maintaining chronic training loads
  • Common cycling related injuries
  • Hamstring Tendinopathy injury
  • Strength tests
  • Positioning correctly on a bike
  • Bone Stress fracture
  • High Risk Zones
  • Symptoms of bone stress injuries

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“We truly believe that athletes get better through the ability to train.”
“Training consistency is there.”
“A bone is an organic structure.”


0:00 Start
2:30 Introduction to Oli Williamson
5:00 Welcome
5:40 Career as a Physiotherapist
14:40 Training in full and maintaining chronic training loads
25:40 Common cycling related injuries
31:35 Hamstring Tendinopathy injury
36:02 Strength tests
39:00 Positioning correctly on a bike
45:20 Bone Stress fracture
52:50 High Risk Zones
56:00 Symptoms of bone stress injuries
1:03:56 Finish


Oli Williamson

People Mentioned

Johnny Brownlee – Double Olympic & Commonwealth Medallist, 2012 World Triathlon Series Champion
Vicky Holland – 2018 World Triathlon Series Champion & Olympic Bronze Medallist
Chris Bramah – Physiotherapist, Running Biomechanics Researcher ‘Biomechanics of the Running Athlete’
Georgia Taylor-Brown – 2020 World Triathlon Champion and Featured Performer Episode HERE>>
Phil Burt – Lead Physiotherapist at British Cycling

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