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Jemima Montag

In episode 236 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer shares a conversation with Jemima Montag: 2018 Commonwealth Games 20km Race Walk Champion in this Featured Performer Edition.

On this featured performer episode we feature 2018 Commonwealth Games race walk 20km champion Aussie, Jemima Montag who shares her highs, lows and learnings by  consolidating her experiences to date as an elite athlete into takeaway learnings for us as listeners.

During this conversation, Jemima shares around the important role of an athlete’s psychology in executing come race day, why keeping training fun and casual is so key as a junior. Jemima candidly shares the hard lessons that she learned around why fuelling must match the work being performed and how for Jemima doubling the training workload as a junior transitioning into the senior ranks whilst having the caloric intake created a performance void.

Of course there’s the highest lows and many learnings and Jemima issues a fantastic physical challenge for the week. You’ll hear Jemima reference fellow featured experts and featured performers of the physical performance shows archives which is a great example of how the learnings from the show are impacting athletes of all levels, recreational through to professional as we all strive for the one common goal to perform at our physical best.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Coping with Lockdown
  • World Championships in Doha
  • Energy Efficiency and Technique
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Technique Change
  • Starting in Race Walking
  • Recovery learnings
  • Working with a Sports Dietitian
  • Learnings around RED-S
  • Recreating the mystery
  • Celebration points for training and fuelling
  • Physical Performance Round

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“How you fuel, how you recover, combined with your training can then affect your overall performance.”
“I felt empowered, understanding what was going on in my body and how my fuelling, recovery and training could work together to elevate performance.”
“Fuelling for the work require as well as everything else that is going on in life.”
“Working with our physiology rather than working against it.”
“Confident and Fearless.” – Being in the Zone
“Toe Taps” – Physical Challenge
“Do Everything with Purpose.” – Best Advice


0:00 Start
2:36 Introduction to Jemima Montag
3:55 Coping with Lockdown
7:00 World Championships in Doha
11:00 Energy Efficiency and Technique
13:44 Strength and Conditioning
18:00 Technique Change
20:45 Starting in Race Walking
30:00 Recovery learnings
31:36 Working with a Sports Dietitian
32:00 Learnings around RED-S
37:00 Recreating the mystery
41:30 Celebration points for training and fuelling
45:30 Physical Performance Round
56:18 Physical Challenge
59:09 Best Advice
1:06:02 Finish

People Mentioned

Catriona Bissett – AUS 800m National Record Holder – Episode 230 of The Physical Performance Show
Prof Louise Burke – Sports Nutrition 
Dane Bird-Smith – Bronze Medallist Rio 20km Race Walk – Episode 36 of The Physical Performance Show
Brent Vallance – Racewalker Coach
Jared Tallent – Racewalker
Nathan Deeks – Racewalker
Jess Rockwell – Sports Dietitian
Trent Stellingwerff – Director Performance Solutions – Episode 178 of The Physical Performance Show
Linden Hall – 1500m runner
Margo Mountjoy – Clinical Prof, Sports Medicine Physician – Episode 232 of The Physical Performance Show
Tessa Hinds – Physiotherapist

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