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Inigo Mujika

In episode 254 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer shares a conversation with Inigo Mujika: ‘Tapering for Endurance Athletes’, Sports Physiologist, Researcher, & Author on this Expert Edition.

By way of bio, Inigo is an avid researcher, sports science practitioner and a coach applying his academic learnings. Since 1992 Indigo has been devoted to the research of tapering and peaking for sports performance. He’s published many peer reviewed scientific articles, many book chapters and five books. As a sports physiologist, Inigo works closely with elite athletes and coaches in a variety of individual and team sports. Inigo currently serves as a Head of Sports Science for Spanish Aquatics and has previously served roles with the Australian Institute of Sport from 2003 to 2004. In 2005, Inigo worked as a physiologist and trainer of the professional road bicycle Racing Team Euskaltel Euskadi, he’s also coached world class triathletes including Olympians so you get a sense for Inigo’s pedigree and expertise on this topic of tapering.

Now what can you expect from today’s episode? Well, we’ve all tried to either conduct our own tapers or have had tapers programmed for us from coaches and we all know that sometimes they go well, sometimes they don’t. So through today’s learnings, you’ll be able to extract the scientific body of work the evidence based best practices, when it comes to tapering.  Inigo will share the definition of tapering and peaking, outline the main aim of tapering, share why if a taper goes well you can expect up to a 3% improvement between pre and post taper performances. Inigo outlines the three variables that can be manipulated with a taper, training intensity, training volume and training frequency. Inigo shares from a 2011 landmark scientific review, the best practices when it comes to Endurance Sports tapers in terms of length, what to do with reducing volume and what not to do when it comes to tinkering with intensity and training frequency. Inigo explores nutrition and hydration practices through a taper and outlines why it is key to arrive at your racing body mass at the start of the taper, rather than at the end.

Finally, Inigo outlines what actually occurs when we taper in terms of physiological effects and then what occurs at the end of a season when we take a break, the de-training effects and then what we can expect with the retraining effects physiologically, as we return to training. There’s the single piece of advice and of course, the physical challenge for the week.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Reducing the training load
  • Fatigue during taper
  • Reducing the training load
  • Volume reduction
  • Ideal Percentage Reductions
  • Fast or short fall off in reduction
  • Profile for Taper
  • Perception of Taper
  • Reduction of volume before an event
  • Psychological changes during taper
  • Physiological changes during taper
  • Detraining after an event
  • Benefits of taking time out
  • Retraining after a period of Detraining

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Website: InigoMujika
Twitter: @inigomujika_en


Tapering and Peaking recovery for performance in sport endurance training  



Tapering for Competition

An Integrated, Multifactorial Approach to Periodization for Optimal Performance in Individual and Team Sports

From Superfit to Superfat


0:00 Start
5:40 Welcome to Inigo
6:20 Professional career
8:30 Books
10:20 Reducing the training load
11:20 Fatigue during taper
15:30 Reducing the training load
17:45 Volume reduction
19:50 Ideal Percentage Reductions
23:50 Fast or short fall off in reduction
28:00 Profile for Taper
34:40 Perception of Taper
36:05 Reduction of volume before an event
38:45 Psychological changes during taper
45:00 Physiological changes during taper
52:30 De-training after an event
55:58 Benefits of taking time out
58:00 Retraining after a period of Detraining (lockdown)
1:03:45 Best Advice
1:11:58 Finish  

People Mentioned

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Louis Delahaije – Head Coach Dutch Triathlon Federation – Episode 235 of The Physical Performance Show
Bob Bowman – Michael Phelps Swimming Coach
Dr Shona Halson – Episode 190 and 238 of The Physical Performance Show

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