Do you suffer from neck pain and headaches? Pilates can help with that

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In a previous blog our former POGO Physio Master Scott wrote about headaches; what causes them and how to alleviate them.

If you missed it here it is again.

But what else can we do to alleviate headaches? We can try drinking more water, getting up and moving around and….we can also do Pilates…

How can Pilates help I hear you ask?

Well, headaches can very often be related to poor posture. Incorrect spinal alignment can put pressure on different muscles and nerves which cause headaches.

In another blog our POGO Chief Physio Brad Beer talks about the importance of posture

With a Pilates regime we will work to bring the body back into correct alignment. We will do exercises which help to strengthen the muscles of the back so that we can keep the shoulders in the correct position. Other exercises will help to stretch the tight muscles in the chest which may prevent us from getting our shoulders back into the correct position.

We will work to strengthen the muscles of the neck which help us to keep it in correct alignment and also to position the head correctly.

Pilates will strengthen the buttock muscles (gluteus maximus) which is a major muscle in keeping us upright. We will strengthen the muscles around the hips to keep them in the correct position so that we are not tilting the pelvis or arching/flattening the lower back.

Correct posture is paramount to our all-round health and wellbeing. Poor posture is what may hold you back from doing the things that you love and want to do.

At POGO Physio all our team are dedicated to keeping you pain and injury free to do the things that you love to do.

Pilates can help reduce headaches and neck tension  Pilates can help reduce headaches and neck tension

Peter “Pilates” Ledwidge

POGO Fitness Pilates Instructor

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