Why do I need to do a pilates orientation before a group session?

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Peter will take you through a 40 minute one on one session in order to find out about you, your goals and objectives that you would like to achieve through Pilates. He will also do a brief assessment to determine any particular issues, injuries, etc may need to be tailored for in your sessions. You can join any of out pilates group sessions after this.

Then he will familiarise you with the reformer. The reformer is a complicated apparatus. It can take many sessions to get used to the new exercises and movements. In this one on one session, Peter can cover everything with you safely so that you are familiar with it all when you come to your first group session.

Peter will also go through with you the basics of Pilates which help to ensure the safety and effectiveness of each workout. Pilates requires a lot more concentration than other forms of exercise. It is very precise and takes time to truly get to grips with what muscles are working and how a movement is performed. Therefore it is imperative that the basics are grasped as soon as possible before moving onto more complex exercises.

Like learning anything for the first time you must start of slowly and build up over time.

Peter “Pilates” Ledwidge

POGO Fitness Pilates Instructor

Your Pilates instructor can tailor a program to suit your needs Your Pilates instructor can tailor a program to suit your needs

Watch Peter’s latest video demonstrating “Pilates 101 Basics” https://pogophysio.com.au/pilates/

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