Why More Men Are Choosing To Do Pilates

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This blog is a shout out to all the guys out there in POGO-land to say that Pilates is for you too. Sometimes there can be a cliché or a stereotype that it is just ladies and dancers that do Pilates. But believe me you guys can benefit from it just as much.

Attention men! Pilates is designed for you too!  Attention men! Pilates is designed for you too!

It will get you all the same benefits as listed in previous blogs but in ways specific to you.

Do you like to run and play with the kids? Pilates will help you to be able to run and jump and mess around with them better than ever.

Are you a sportsman? It will boost your performance in your sport. It will make you stronger on your feet, it will extend your playing careers and make you harder to beat.

Do you;

·         Fish? It will improve your casting and ability to reel in bigger fish.

·         Play football (of any code)? Iit will help you to run faster, jump higher, tackle harder and play longer.

·         Surf? It will help paddle, dive, pop and maneuver better.

Or perhaps you’d like to look a little better for your lady or the ladies in general? It will make you look taller and leaner. It will give you more confidence in yourself and we all know that the ladies love confidence.

So come on gents, don’t be shy get into Pilates. Shake off the stereotype, but aside your ego and jump on in to Pilates at POGO.

Not convinced? Here are some well-known males that do Pilates

And before I go any further I’d like to point out that Pilates was developed by a man. That’s right the person that came up with the concept was Joseph Pilates!!

But back to my list of well-known males that do Pilates;

Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant (NBA Star), Danny Glover, Orlando Bloom, Alec Baldwin, Brandon Routh (played Superman),

In fact I don’t think I need to go any further because if Superman does Pilates surely you can too. So c’mon fellas get into it!

Peter “Pilates” Ledwidge 

POGO Physio Fitness Pilates Instructor 



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