The Physical Performance Show: Brad Beer, APA Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist & Exercise Scientist: ‘Running Injuries 101’

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Brad Beer

In episode 265 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer joins in on a Q&A session with Physiotherapist Hamish Vickerman sharing around running related injuries on this expert edition.

I sat behind the microphone for a Q&A and generally look at all things running related injuries, prevention, treatment and myths. I was joined by my good friend and physiotherapy colleague from university days, Hamish Vickerman, founder of the Fasciitis Fighter, award winning device formulated for the overcoming of plantar fasciitis or fasciopathy and Hamish asked me a series of questions around running related injuries.

You’ll hear about the benefits of running, the most common running injuries that runners and triathletes incur, the scientific known causes of running related injuries, the role of strength and conditioning for runners and key tips on overcoming the top three problems that runners incur, which are bone tendon and joint related injuries.

If you are a runner, then at some stage you are going to need to work through a running related injury. So here are some hints, tips, mythbusters and information on this expert edition.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Getting a love
  • Benefits of running
  • Studies around common running injuries
  • Common related injuries
  • Social and Psychological factors around running injuries
  • Capacity for load
  • Difference in load from walking to running
  • How common are bone injuries
  • Knee Pain
  • Peak Bone Mass
  • Tendon Injuries
  • Tendon Pain Exercises
  • Running with Pain
  • Reassurance and psychology of injury
  • Running Surfaces


“When a bone gets too stressed, it gets sore.”

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The Fasciitis Fighter:

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0:00 Start
3:40 Getting a love
4:45 Benefits of running
7:35 Studies around common running injuries
9:14 Common related injuries
14:30 Social and Psychological factors around running injuries
18:00 Capacity for load
25:56 Difference in load from walking to running
28:30 How common are bone injuries
38:30 Knee Pain
41:25 Peak Bone Mass
50:00 Tendon Injuries
55:12 Tendon Pain exercises
1:04:55 Running with Pain
1:09:30 Reassurance and psychology of injury
1:10:04 Running Surfaces
1:16:32 Finish

People Mentioned

Ebonie Rio – NHMRC Senior Research Fellow, Sports Physiotherapist, Episode 222 of The Physical Performance Show
Richard Willy – Assistant Professor University of Montana
Shona Halson – Assoc Prof, Episode 238 of The Physical Performance Show
Belinda Beck – Bone Health Expert, Episode 82 of The Physical Performance Show

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