The Physical Performance Show: Max Paquette, Assoc Prof Biomechanics Human Performance Centre Uni Memphis: ‘Moving Beyond Weekly Mileage’

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Max Paquette

In episode 264 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer shares a conversation with Max Paquette, Assoc Prof Biomechanics Human Performance Centre Uni Memphis: ‘Moving Beyond Weekly Mileage’ on this expert edition episode.

Max Paquette is an incredibly accomplished academic as well as Applied Scientist. Max is currently the Associate Professor of the Human Performance Centre at the University of Memphis and the Director of the Musculoskeletal Analysis Laboratory. Max’s primary research interests have focused on the effects of different footwear, fatigue repetition, altered techniques and training interventions for injury prevention and performance improvement for runners. Dr Paquette has published over 60 scientific papers and consults for high schools, collegiate and world class track and field athletes and their coaches to optimize performance and reduce injury risks. It isn’t just a scientific experience that has been accrued across the years, there’s also that very practical application. In addition to the many hats that Max wears, Max also coaches his professional, middle distance running wife, Lauren.

During today’s conversation, which we’re terming “Moving Beyond Weekly Distance”, Max Paquette shares around a commentary that he and co collaborators published in 2020, titled “Moving Beyond Weekly Distance”: Optimizing Quantification of Training Load in Runners”, and the premise of the commentary was challenging the convention of quantifying running training loads solely around mileage. This is a crucial conversation around getting the most out of your training, trying to avoid training errors and optimising your recovery and adaptation to the work that you’ve done. Of course, Max lays down a great physical challenge for the week and distils all of his learnings into one piece of advice as per usual.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Running science and training
  • Teaching, training and coaching
  • Training load
  • Consider how your body is feeling
  • Misleading mileage
  • Misrepresenting training stress
  • Running perceived exertion
  • Athlete Buy in
  • Quantifying training load
  • Minutes expectations
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Chronic Workload Ratio
  • Fatigue and Fitness
  • Fatigue and Fitness
  • Monitoring during running
  • Intensity and Volume
  • Physical Challenge
  • Best Advice

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“Understanding the response to training, it doesn’t have to fancy, it just has to be consistent.”
“Challenge your thinking.” Best Advice

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To follow Max Paquette:

Instagram: @maxrpaquette
Twitter: @BiomechMax

Episode 294 of The Physical Performance Show featuring Assoc. Professor Max Paquette: ‘Running Surface Interactions’


Moving Beyond Weekly “Distance”: Optimizing Quantification of Training Load in Runners


0:00 Start 
6:00 Running science and training
6:55 Teaching, training and coaching
9:32 Training load
11:43 Consider how your body is feeling
13:40 Misleading mileage
19:00 Misrepresenting training stress
24:40 Running perceived exertion
30:13 Athlete Buy in
32:30 Quantifying training load
37:30 Minutes expectations
44:10 Strength and conditioning
54:48 Chronic Workload Ratio
1:00:10 Fatigue and Fitness
1:06:00 Monitoring during running
1:12:30 Intensity and Volume
1:17:23 Physical Challenge
1:19:30 Best Advice

People Mentioned

Lauren Paquette – Professional Runner
Richard Willy – Assistant Professor University of Montana
Chris Napier – Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia
Trent Sterllingwerff – Director Performance Solutions Canadian Sport Institute, Episode 178 of The Physical Performance Show
Shona Halson – Assoc Prof, Episode 238 of The Physical Performance Show
Daniel Greenwood – Director of the Human Performance Centre at the University of Memphis

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