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In episode 250 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer shares the highlights and best of sections of the 2020 TOP 10 Expert Editions.

It is that time of year where we look back at the calendar year, and we review some of the highlights of our expert editions. 

In prior years we’ve labelled this episode The Best of where we’ve sourced feedback around popular episodes that really struck a chord with the learnings that were shared.

However, this year, we’ve just looked straight at the data, that is, the number of downloads per episode and today we review the top 10 most downloaded expert editions of 2020.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Assistant Prof Patrick Wilson (PhD), Sport Nutrition Scientist: The Athlete’s Gut, Episode 231 of The Physical Performance Show
  • Dr Amit Mistry, Sports & Exercise Psychiatrist. Athlete Mental Health, Episode 229 of The Physical Performance Show
  • Dan Plews (PhD), Heat Training & Acclimation for the Endurance Athlete, Episode 213 of The Physical Performance Show
  • Dr Ebonie Rio (PhD), NHMRC Senior Research Fellow, Sports Physiotherapist, Episode 222 of The Physical Performance Show
  • Joe Friel, Co-Founder Training Peaks, Triathlon ‘coach of coaches’, Endurance Sports Author, Episode 218 of The Physical Performance Show
  • Chris Bramah, Physiotherapist, Running Biomechanics Researcher ‘Biomechanics of the Running Athlete, Episode 223 of The Physical Performance Show
  • Prof Peter Reaburn, Maximising Health & Performance of the Masters Athlete, Episode 215 of The Physical Performance Show
  • Dr Stephen Seiler, Acclaimed Sports Scientist: COVID training & marathon considerations, Episode 219 of The Physical Performance Show
  • Dr Nicky Keay, RED-S, Hormones health & performance, Episode 198 of The Physical Performance Show
  • Stacy Sims, PhD, Female Physiology & Endurance Training #womenarenotsmallmen, Episode 207 of The Physical Performance Show

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0:00 Start
4:47 Dr Patrick Wilson
8:53 Dr Amit Mistry
13:20 Dr Dan Plews
18:26 Dr Ebonie Rio
24:15 Joe Friel
31:50 Chris Bramah
38:20 Prof Peter Reaburn
43:30 Dr Stephen Seiler
51:46 Dr Nicky Keay
55:55 Dr Stacy Sims
1:03:06 Finish

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