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In episode 251 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer shares the highlights and best of sections of the 2020 TOP 10 Featured Performers.

It is that time of year where we look back at the calendar year, and we review some of the highlights of our featured performers. In prior years we’ve labelled this episode The Best of where we’ve sourced feedback around popular episodes that really struck a chord with the learnings that were shared. However, this year, we’ve just looked straight at the data, that is, the number of downloads per episode and today we review the top 10 most downloaded featured performer editions of 2020.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Abdi Abdahraman – 5X US Olympian, Episode 221 of The Physical Performance Show
  • Mike Wardian – US Ultra and Marathon Runner, Episode 210 of The Physical Performance Show
  • Jake Riley – USA Olympic Marathon Rep, Episode 209 of The Physical Performance Show
  • Vicky Holland – 2018 World Triathlon Series Champion & Olympic Bronze Medalist, Episode 212 of The Physical Performance Show
  • Dave McNeill – Dual AUS Olympian, Episode 199 of The Physical Performance Show
  • Iron Cowboy James Lawrence – Guinness World Record Holder: 50/50/50, Episode 201 of The Physical Performance Show
  • Brett Robinson – AUS Olympian, 59:57 AUS Half Mara Record Holder, Episode 206 of The Physical Performance Show
  • Cam Brown – 12x Iron man New Zealand Triathlon Champion, Episode 214 of The Physical Performance Show
  • Zane Robertson – NZ Olympian, Episode 203 of The Physical Performance Show
  • Jonny Brownlee –  Double Olympic & Commonwealth Medalist, 2012 World Triathlon Series Champion, Episode 216/217 of The Physical Performance Show

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Dan Plews triathlete

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Article: Abdi Abdirahman Shares Secrets to his Long Career

Abdi Abdirahman

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Jake Riley and His Coach Were ‘Broken.’ Now, They’re Going to the Olympics

Jake Riley

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Triathlon Live

Vicky Holland

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Dave McNeill

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James Lawrence

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Brett Robinson

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Cam Brown

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Zane Robertson

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0:00 Start
3:30 Abdi Abdahraman
7:00 Mike Wardian
13:10 Jake Riley
19:50 Vicky Holland
22:55 Dave McNeill
27:25 James Lawrence – Iron Cowboy
33:20 Brett Robinson
37:10 Cam Brown
42:00 Zane Robertson
52:20 Johnny Brownlee
1:03:17 Finish

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