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Listen in to episode 145 of The Physical Performance Show as we recap the year that was 2018! In this episode you will enjoy some of the highlights from the 52 guests that were featured across the 2018 calendar year. What a year it was, 2018 saw the Physical Performance Show regularly sitting inside the iTunes Top 20 for Health and Fitness and it has passed 400,000 downloads of the show since inception, so a huge thank you for your support.

This episode features

  • Lionel Sanders – Professional Triathlete & 2017 ITU Long Course Triathlon Champion, Episode 92
  • Matt Fitzgerald – Best Selling Author ‘How Bad Do You Want It?’, Episode 109
  • Prof Stuart McGill – Biomechanist & Lower Back Pain Expert, Episode 108
  • Lee Troop  – 3x Olympic Marathoner, Former 5000m AUS record holder, Episode 101
  • Matt Fox – Sweat Elite – Train Like the World’s Best (ft Matt Fox), Episode 136
  • Alex Hutchinson – Author New York Times Bestseller ENDURE, Episode 123
  • Dick Telford – AUS Distance Running Coach + Sports Scientist (AM, AUS Sports Hall of Fame Inductee), Episode 119
  • Tim Don – Ironman Triathlon World Record Holder, 3x Olympian, 4x World Champion (Featured Performer), Episode 130
  • Dan Smith – AUS Olympic Swimmer, Episode 137
  • Mark Allen – 6-Time IRONMAN World Champion, Episode 139

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Prof. Stuart McGill Lee Troop

 Matt Fitzgerald


Lionel Sanders

“I believe there are only limits that are imposed in the mind.”
“Be patient. Be wise. Be ruthless”
“Make your hard training really hard and your easy training really easy.”
“Find out what truly motivates you.”

Matt Fitzgerald

“The art of endurance racing is the art of pacing & pacing is based on perception of effort.”
“Perception effort is the limiter of endurance performance.”
“There is an art to goal setting.”
“Faith in your training is as important as the training itself.”

Stuart McGill

“You don’t train to get strong, you train to adapt.”
“Know your goal and then choose a tool to reach the goal in the most spine sparing way.”
“It all goes back to the assessment and knowing the goal.”
“I try to come up with the wisest way to desensitise their pain and build them back up again.”
Back Pain Myths
1.Pain is non-specific
2.Stretching will take away back pain
3.The remaining option is surgery

Lee Troop

Top 3 marathon tips

  • Set a goal
  • Preparation
  • Execute

“Running is pure and it’s simple!”
“Enjoy the process, it becomes much more rewarding.”
“What we learn in our sport, we can take into other parts of our life.”

Sweat Elite Edition

“Don’t make any excuses.”
“Have a motivating and inspiring group of people around you.”

Alex Hutchinson

“For evolutionary reasons, you’re not able to push to the last physical limits.”
“Mental Strength to tolerate pain and discomfort improves with the more difficult training that you do.”
“The best mental training is good physical training that forces you out of your comfort zone.”
“Just keep showing up.

Dick Telford

“No matter what age you are, physical activity is vital to your physiology.”
“Never limit yourself to what you think you can do.”
“You can always improve as there is always a way to improve.”
“Strength work becomes more important over a lesser distance.”
“It’s all going to be a balance.”

Tim Don

“Pain is temporary! Glory is forever!”
“There are no medals in training.”
“Believe in your dreams and follow your path.”
“Happy, Focused and Determined.”
“You live and breathe for the sport.”

Dan Smith

“Have a lot more loving for myself”
“There’s so much more to you than what you do.”
“When you train, it is 90% physical and 10% mental but when you race it is the other way around.”

Mark Allen:

“Just surrender and engage yourself in moving.”
“Set your goal and be patient.”

Dick Telford Alex Hutchinson

Dan Smith Sweat Elite

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0:00 Start
1:45 Introduction to this episode
2:14 Snippet from Lionel Sanders
6:45 Snippet from Best Selling Author ‘How Bad Do You Want It?’ Matt Fitzgerald
9:59 Snippet from Professor Stuart McGill
14:16 Snippet from Lee Troop
20:20 Snippet from the Interest Edition Sweat Elite ft. Matt Fox
22:52 Snippet from Episode 23 Alex Hutchinson
25:12 Snippet from Episode 119 Dick Telford
28:59 Snippet from Episode 130 Tim Don
32:00 Snippet from Episode 137 Dan Smith
37:12 Snippet from Episode 139 Mark Allen
39:00 Overview on next week episode – Dr. Dan Pronk
42:00 Finish

Mark Allen 

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