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Tim Don

In episode 130 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer has a conversation with Tim Don – Ironman Triathlon World Record Holder, 3x Olympian, 4x World Champion.

Tim Don is a Triathlon Great. Tim is a 3x British Olympic Triathlete having competed in the very first triathlon appearance at the Olympic Games in Sydney 2000 where Tim finished 10th place. Tim then went on to compete in 2004 at the Athens Olympic Games as well as the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Tim has been a Multiple World Champion in Triathlon and Duathlon, winning the Junior World Triathlon title in 1998 and becoming the Senior or open World Triathlon Champion in 2006. Tim has had countless Triathlon World Cup and Ironman Triathlon Podium appearances.

In 2017, two remarkable things happened in Tim’s life. On the 28th May 2017, Tim Don became the Ironman Triathlon World Record Holder when he took 4 minutes off the pre-existing mark that stood by Former Physical Performance Show guest Professional Triathlete Lionel Sanders. Tim’s time the new Ironman World Triathlon record which he broke during the South American championship in Florianopolis Brazil was 7 hours, 40 minutes and 23 seconds with the 2:44 Marathon off the Bike.

The second remarkable incident that occurred in 2017 happened just 2 days prior to the Ironman World Triathlon Championships in Hawaii. Tim was out riding his bike and a reckless truck driver collided with Tim on his bike. This story has had wonderful documentary put together by the ON-running Team titled “Man with the Halo”. During this crash Tim sustained a C2 fracture or commonly termed as a hang mans neck fracture. This fracture would see Tim admitted in the hospital 2 days prior to 2017 Hawaii Ironman World Triathlon Champion.

During this episode Tim shares the highs, lows and a whole bunch of learnings.  He shares intimately around the accident that occurs just 2 days before the 2017 Hawaii Ironman Championship along with the crushing disappointment of being told that he has a C2 fracture to his neck and that he would miss the 2017 Hawaii Ironman Championships, the fear that set in as well as the arduous rehabilitation that is still ongoing.

Tim reflects on some great memories throughout his Triathlon career including some stints in training including the great Mo Farah and Former podcast guest Spencer Smith. Tim touches on the highs of his world Titles and of course the performance round as week as the physical challenge for the week.

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Tim Don Tim Don

Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Introduction to Tim Don
  • Perseverance
  • How Tim got into triathlon
  • Training in Australia
  • Sporting Genes
  • What happened leading into Kona in 2017
  • Being informed of the C2 fracture in his neck
  • Options for rehabilitation
  • Most surprising part of rehab journey
  • Current training regime
  • Qualifying for Kona
  • Performance Round
  • Dinner Table Guests
  • Physical Challenge: Do 10% longer and harder than last week.
  • Darkest day of career

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Tim Don


“Pain is temporary! Glory is forever!”
“There are no medals in training.” – Mantra
“Believe in your dreams and follow your path.” – Best Advice
“Happy, Focused and Determined.” – Being in the zone
“You live and breathe for the sport.”
“It’s who you are and what you do!”
“Not backing yourself in crucial times.”
“How it can affect your body so much.”
“There’s more to it than just the training when you have a family.”
“You take the rough with the smooth.”
“Every second counts!”

To follow Tim Don

Instagram: @tri_thedon
Twitter: @trithedon
Facebook: @trithedon
Website: Tim Don
You Tube: Tim Don – Topic 


0:00 Start
2:00 Introduction to Tim Don
6:00 Perseverance
7:40 Family Sacrifices after the accident
8:45 Life before the Accident
10:30 Life as a Triathlete
10:00 How Tim got into triathlon
15:00 Training in Australia
17:45 Sporting Genes
26:30 What happened leading into Kona in 2017
29:00 Being informed of the C2 fracture in his neck
35:30 Options for rehabilitation
41:00 Most surprising part of rehab journey
42:45 Current training regime
46:45 Qualifying for Kona
48:15 Performance Round
51:45 Dinner Table Guests
53:50 Physical Challenge: Do 10% longer and harder than last week.
57:06 Darkest day of career
1:03:41 Finish

Tim Don Tim Don


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