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Mark Allen

In episode 139 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer shares a conversation with featured performer Mark Allen – 6-Time IRONMAN World Champion.

During this episode Mark shares the highs, the lows and learnings of his career.  Mark delves into the importance of patience and what it was to persevere through some trying years to get that first historic victory in 1989.  Mark shares how it was possible to go on to win a total of 6 Hawaii Ironman Championships across 6 starts.  Mark also shares some fascinating tips around the champion’s mindset, how to quiet your mind in times of duress, the importance of setting a goal and sticking with it, along with the concept of going slow to go fast.  Subscribe NOW and listen in to this episode that covers so much.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Racing on the Gold Coast, Australia
  • How Mark first started in Triathlon
  • Hawaii Ironman Experience
  • Key tips for Longevity
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Darkest Day of career
  • Three levels of impossibility
  • Performance Round
  • Mantra
  • In the Zone
  • Best Advice
  • Physical Challenge – Just exercise everyday and make it non negotiable
  • Coaching Books and workshops

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Mark Allen Mark Allen


“I didn’t finish but maybe you can be the best in this sport.”
“It was very challenging to pick up the pieces.”
“Just surrender and engage yourself in moving.: – Being in the Zone
“It was like I was shot out of a canon.”
“You have to wallow in your disappointment for a little while.”
“You’re working on a level that is greater than yourself.”
“Great Journeys are the ones that take on a life of their own.”
“Set your goal and be patient.” – Best Advice

Key Tips for Longevity
1. Strength training
2. Sleep

To follow Mark Allen:

Instagram: @markallengrip
Twitter: @MarkAllenGrip
Facebook: @markallencoaching
Website: MarkAllen Coaching and Fit Soul Fit Mind
Book: Fit Soul Fit Mind


0:00 Start
1:30 Introduction to Mark Allen
6:00 Racing on the Gold Coast, Australia
9:00 How Mark first started in Triathlon
16:40 Hawaii Ironman Experience
26:00 9 Keys to a Happier you
37:00 Key tips for Longevity
39:35 Sleep deprivation
40:45 Darkest Day of career
45:20 Three levels of impossibility
47:30 Performance Round
52:50 Mantra
58:45 Being in the Zone
1:02:45 Best Advice
1:04:30 Physical Challenge
1:08:00 Coaching Books and workshops
1:14:04 Finish

Mark Allen

People Mentioned

Dave Scott – US Triathlete
Craig Alexander – 5x World Champion, 3x Ironman Triathlon World Champion Episode 102 of the Physical Performance Show
Carlos Lopes – Portuguese Long-distance Runner

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