Use It or Lose It! 2017 Health Fund Rebates

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Use It or Lose It! Health Fund Rebates

At the time of my writing there are just 3 days remaining in the year 2017!
If you have private health insurance now may be the  time to take action!

The majority of private health funds have 31st Dec deadlines for the using of ancillary benefit services such as physiotherapy, podiatry, pilates, and remedial massage.

If you are  like many of our clients (and myself) it’s easy to arrive at the end of a calender year and realise that there are many services such as physiotherapy and dental that you ‘need’, but that in life’s fast pace you have not made time for.

Yet there are many of our clients who knowing that they will from 31st Dec have paid into an expensive health insurance policy and they want to get the ‘most out of their fund’. This typically results in a frantic end of the year at the practice across all of our services!
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Top 4 End Of Year Services

Here’s my Top 4 End of Year Services to get the most out of your health fund pre Dec 31st.
  • Physio: if you are frustrated by a pain or injury that just won’t go away act on it NOW starting with our Discover Recover Session-click HERE.
  • Remedial Massage: needing to unwind or get rid of niggly muscle tension? Take advantage of the current book three and receive a free 30 min upgrade on your 3rd massage for free deal now!
  • Podiatry: got a foot issue or wondering whether you need or would benefit from podiatry? Click HERE for more info or HERE to schedule your appointment.
  • Pilates: get in shape for summer with our health fund rebatable and physio led classes. Click HERE for more info or HERE to schedule your appointment.

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Brad Beer (APAM)
Physiotherapist, Founder POGO Physio, Author AMAZON Bestseller You CAN Run Pain Free!

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