The Top 5 Problems Injured Runners Encounter (and why going for the next run is not one of them)

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In conducting research for my upcoming book You CAN Run Pain and Injury Free! I conducted an online survey to identify the key problems that runners face when they are injured. Interestingly the top problems had nothing to do with not being able to go for the next run! The problems identified stemmed deeper and touched on the ‘emotional taxes’ that injury produces for the injured runner.

My research revealed the top 5 problems injured runners experience are:

  1. Frustration due to a recalcitrant injury that just won’t disappear. The lingering injury that doesn’t disappear with rest alone. Or the injury that even with rehabilitation takes a long time-frustrating!

  2. Losing fitness due to injury. The good news it comes back. The bad news is that significant fitness losses ensue within 2 weeks of cessation from normal training.

  3. Emotional lows due to not being able to exercise. An injured runner can be very irritable. Any partner who lives with an injured runner can agree with this finding.

  4. Confusion about who to take advice from. Do you listen to your neighbour, running colleagues, family members, read online, or listen to a trained health professional?

  5. Being time poor and unable to devote the time required to resolve the injury. Take the pressure off don’t race to get back. Do what you can, when you can. We all struggle with the challenge of leading busy lives.

As a runner myself I can identify with every one of these problems. Over my years of running I have experienced them all.  I suggest if you are experiencing one or all of these there’s no better way to get back on track than seeking the professional guidance of a physio expertised in the rehabilitation of runners.

The information and instruction given in this book addresses each of these 5 key problems by revealing the 7 secrets that make pain and injury free running possible.

RUN 101 Workshop attendees. RUN 101 Workshop attendees.

Brad Beer (APAM)

POGO Physio Guru

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