How to prolong the life and get the most out of your running shoes

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Most running shoes are not cheap. There are several tips I share with runners that enable them to prolong the life of their shoe, allowing them to get the most out of their investment.

Once you have selected your new pair of shoes the following tips will help you get the best shelf life and performance out of your new shoes:

  • Always undo the laces when taking the shoes off. Undoing the laces prolongs the integrity of the heel of the shoe. Maintaining the integrity of the heel in turn helps the entire shoe maintain its integrity and support.

  • Evenly tension your laces from bottom to top. This ensures an even spread of torque (or force transmission) through the shoes.

  • Use all of the shoe-lace eye-lits. This will assist in foot stability and will prevent your foot from excessively moving about in the shoes. Many runners do not lace up the top holes of the shoe and this can create unwanted movement of the feet in the shoes.

  • Where the budget allows it is helpful to purchase a second pair of running shoes. I suggest running in different shoes over alternate sessions. By mixing up the shoes you wear you will learn to note when one pair of shoes feels a bit ‘tired’ or like it has lost some support. This will alert you to replace your shoes earlier than if you were running in only a single pair.

  • If travelling take your shoes on-board as carry-on luggage as opposed to having them squashed inside your overflowing check on bag. Squashing of the shoe in a heavily packed suitcase or bag will deform the shoe.  This will have an adverse effect on the shoes integrity and performance.

Brad Beer (APAM)

POGO Physio Founder & Guru

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