The Physical Performance Show: Richard Varga – Dual Slovakian Olympic Triathlete & 4x World Aquathlon Champion

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Richard Varga

Episode 94: Richard Varga – Dual Slovakian Olympic Triathlete & 4x World Aquathlon Champion

In episode 94 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer sits down with Richard Varga – Dual Slovakian Olympic Triathlete & 4x World Aquathlon Champion who is known as the ‘fish’ of the world triathlon scene. Richard is a Slovakian dual triathlete Olympic games representative, representing Slovakia in the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games.  Richard is also the 4 times world aquathlon champion – swim, run.  Richard has been the Slovakian triathlete of the year an amazing 8 times and in 2017 the World Triathlon Series voted Richard the best swimmer of the year.  Being first out of the water 5 out of 6 times in 2017 which throughout his career means that Richard has been first out of water 33 out of 40 starts.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • The early start in swimming
  • Growing up with a Mum as a swim coach
  • Transitioning into triathlon at the age of 19
  • 3 attributes for a great swimmer
  • Triathletes that Richard Admires
  • Lead up to the Olympic Games
  • Rehabbing an injury
  • Training and friendship with the Brownlee Brothers
  • Performance Round
  • Richard’s Best Advice
  • Richard’s Weekend Warrior Challenge
  • Richard’s bucket list

Richard’s most significant result to date and why (Super League Triathlon Series-Hamilton Island) and winning one of the Triple Mix races


Richard’s best World Triathlon Series result today Kitzbuhel 6th place with an uphill finish.


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‘Consistency, progressive training, be patient’ –  Top 3 triathlon tips
‘Using your core, Cadence, Kick Work’ – Top 3 technique tips
‘Always find the edge’
‘Focus in what I am doing’ – Zone
‘Don’t always race with the balls but race with your head’
‘Do the best out of the moment’
Richard Varga Richard Varga

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0:00 Start
3:40 Meeting Richard on Hamilton Island
5:45 Leading the Swim in Rio
6:30 Richard’s start in swimming
10:00 Top 3 Technique Tips
13:00 Key Kick Sessions
14:00 First Triathlete that Richard Admires
18:00 Representing Slovakia at the London Olympic Games
23:00 The epic cycle leg of the London Olympics
25:00 Finishing 11th at the Rio Olympic Games
27:00 Suffering with an Achilles Injury
28:00 First triathlon
30:00 Super League Triathlon Result
34:00 World Triathlon Performance
39:00 Performance Round
42:00 Toughest Competitor
44:00 Worst Injury
45:00 Funniest thing during training
46:00 Bucket list
48:00 Best tips
49:45 Weekend Warrior challenge – Wearing shorts in a 1500m swim in pool.
53:00 Tag an Athlete to appear on the show
58:24 End

Richard Varga

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