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Megan Kuikman

In episode 327 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer shares a conversation with Megan Kuikman, Registered Dietitian & Sports Nutrition Researcher sharing around Disordered Eating in Sport in this expert edition.

Megan Kuikman, registered dietitian and sports nutrition researcher is currently completing her PhD at the Australian Catholic University. Megan researches the area of relative energy deficiency in sport and in todays episode we discuss disordered eating in sport. Disordered eating in simple terms is an eating behaviour that is not optimised, it may range from what is commonly perceived as normal dieting to reflect in some of the same behaviour as those with eating disorders.  An individual with disordered eating may regularly engage in behaviours such as skipping meals, compulsive eating, compulsive exercise, and or restrictive eating, but without meeting all required criteria for a diagnosed eating disorder. There can be health and performance consequences that accompany disordered eating. It’s been estimated that the prevalence of disordered eating and or eating disorders in athletes ranges from 0 to 19% in males, and 6% to 45% in females.

Recently, the Australian Institute of Sport and the National Eating Disorders Collaboration collaborated to provide a set of guidelines for athletes coaches, support staff, clinicians and sporting organisations as a call to action to all involved in sport to be aware of poor self image and poor body image among athletes and potential disordered eating behaviours.

To listen to Episode 327:


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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • The definition of Disordered Eating
  • The advantage of addressing and discussing Eating Disorders
  • The prevalence of Disordered Eating
  • Risk Factors that could lead to an Eating Disorder
  • Advice for those who suspect someone or themselves has an eating disorder
  • Management Tips to help an athlete through Eating Behaviour Disorder
  • Why seeing a dietitian could be very beneficial
  • Links between Disordered Eating & Red-S
  • Identifying Red-S
  • The concept of Amenorrhea (Menstrual health)
  • The Importance of female representation in research
  • Megan’s upcoming studies requiring participants

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To follow Megan Kuikman:

Website: @megankuikmanrd
Instagram: @megankuikmanrd
Twitter: @megankuikmanRD
Linkedin: @Megan Kuikman


Australian Institute of Sport: Disordered eating in high performance sport position statement

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