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Dr Jacob Harden

In episode 122 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer has a conversation with Dr Jacob Harden – Prehab101 Founder, Dr Chiropractic.

Dr. Harden is a chiropractor from the US and has so much to offer in terms of the world of rehabilitation and pre-rehabilitation.

During this episode we discuss key concepts of what to do when you get injured, how to manage the loading of your body, brilliant strength and conditioning insights and also the psychology of the injury.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Jacob’s early years
  • Starting his own clinic
  • Load Management
  • Resilience
  • Biggest Mistakes people make in building resilience
  • Good Technique
  • Keys to a good squat
  • Reasons to build resilience
  • Treating Injuries
  • Performance Round
  • Best advice
  • Physical Challenge

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“When you have an approach that is so extremely different, it is hard for you to jump into a job where you have to do something different.”
“Load Management is making sure your body is ready for what you are going to throw at it.”
“Injury prevention is a complete myth.”
“The importance of good technique.”
“Having a good program.”
“Don’t do too much too quick.”
“Focus on being better next year than you are right now.”
“I’m not treating the injury, I’m treating the limitation caused by the injury and I’m just helping you to get back.”
“Don’t do too much too soon.” – Best Advice

To follow Dr Jacob Harden

Instagram: @dr.jacob.harden
Twitter: @DrJacobHarden
Facebook: @DrJacobHarden
Website: Clinical Athlete
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Dr Jacob Harden Dr Jacob Harden


0:00 Start
1:00 Introduction to Dr Jacob Harden
7:00 Jacob’s early years
15:00 Starting his own clinic
18:00 Load Management
21:00 Resilience
25:40 Biggest Mistakes people make in building resilience
34:00 Good Technique
37:00 Keys to a good squat
43:00 Reasons to build resilience
50:00 Treating Injuries
55:00 Performance Round
58:00 Best advice
59:15 Physical Challenge – Exercise for 20 minutes a day and focus on the good things in your life.
1:08:20 Finish

Dr Jacob Harden

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  • Dan North

    Have been listening for about 3-months and this episode is definitely top shelf, 5 Stars! I truly enjoyed the information Jacob shared, espically concerning having balance in life. His quote “you’re not as broke as you think you are” is one I’ll remember for a long time to come. Keep doing great things. You’ve got a dedicated listener from the US!

    • Brad Beer

      Hi Dan,

      Oh wow-thank you for your support and your comments.

      So pleased you are enjoying The Physical Performance Show podcast.

      Thank you for your support
      Regards Brad Beer

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