The Physical Performance Show: Expert Edition: Dr Christian Barton – Patellofemoral ‘knee-cap’ pain

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Dr Christian Barton

In episode 112 of The Physical Performance Show, Brad Beer has a conversation with Dr Christian Barton – Patellofemoral ‘knee-cap’ pain in this Expert Edition.

Dr Christian Barton is a physiotherapist who graduated with first-class honours from Charles Sturt University in 2005, from there Dr Christian Barton went on to complete his PhD focusing on Patellofemoral Pain, Biomechanics and Foot Orthoses in 2010.

Dr Barton’s broad research disciplines are biomechanics, running-related injury, knee pathology, tendinopathy, and rehabilitation, with a particular focus on what’s known as research translation.

Dr Barton has published well over 40 papers in Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation and Biomechanics journals alongside this Dr Barton is also an Associate Editor for the acclaimed British Journal of Sports Medicine, more recently Dr Barton was one of the masterminds behind the TREK (Translating Research and Evidence into Knowledge), a website and an online forum to help practitioners worldwide do just that take the literature the science and disseminate that into the clinical landscape ultimately for the benefits of the public and patients receiving healthcare.

During today’s conversation, Dr Barton shares the key concepts that will help you better manage your patellofemoral (knee-cap) pain.

Dr Barton shares his knowledge around: load management, exercise prescription (which exercises work best, the number of sets and reps etc), education (your understanding of this condition), exercise progression, the importance of being adaptable and patient, how to monitor the irritability of your knee-cap pain, what the evidence says works regarding best treatments for knee-cap pain, adjunctive therapies such as the role of PRP and medications, and Dr Barton jumped online for a follow-up conversation after our initial conversation to answer the question about stretching and the role that it plays in the management and the treatment of patellofemoral pain.

So jump in for this expert edition, if you are a knee-cap pain sufferer, a patellofemoral pain sufferer I hope this conversation withDr. Christian Barton really helps you.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • A general week in overall practice for Dr Christian Barton, including his role at La Trobe University and Complete Sports Care.
  • What patellofemoral pain is and where the pain ‘actually’ comes from
  • How common patellofemoral pain is
  • The impact on quality of life
  • Managing the pain and loading
  • Most common exercises for rehabiltation (and what the literature validates as best practices)
  • Biomechanical Studies
  • The role of running retraining including foot placement, and cadence manipulation
  • The role of orthotics
  • Taping as an intervention
  • Top mistakes runners make in managing patellofemoral pain
  • Pain management
  • Physical Challenge for the Week
  • The role of stretching in the management of patellofemoral pain

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Dr Christian Barton Dr Christian Barton

Running retraining for patellofemoral pain SMA symposium with Dr Christian Barton


Top Tips:

  1. Listen to your body and manage your loads better.
  2. Coaching on how to manage your condition better
  3. Get your running technique checked by an expert.

“Trying to take shortcuts or finding a quick fix.” – Top Mistakes
“Pain is not a sign of damage, it is the sign of something dangerous.”
“If you change your strike pattern, it can be a dangerous intervention.”

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Twitter: @TREK_group
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 Dr Christian Barton


0:00 Start
1:00 Introduction to Dr Christian Barton
8:30 A general week in overall practice
10:00 What is Patellar Femoral Pain and where does it come from
14:50 How common is the injury
20:00 Physical Pain and Quality of Life
25:00 Managing the pain and loads
30:00 What are the main aims of muscle intervention
37:00 Most common exercises for rehab
45:30 Biomechanical Studies
50:00 Focusing on the step rate
54:00 The role of orthotics
59:00 Taping as an intervention
1:02:00 Top mistakes Runners make
1:06:00 Pain Management
1:07:00 Physical Challenge – Chair and Metronome Challenge – Cross your arms – stand up and sit down to each beat (20 beats per minute)
1:09:00 Stretching program
1:21:21 Finish

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Living with patellofemoral pain 

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  • geoff fisher

    After hundreds of successful treatments and the generally swift resolution of patello femoral pain over a thirty year period.It appears to me that so called PFP is no more than a referred event arising from protective behaviour at L3, with inhibition, pain and other neurogenic consequences . All symptoms reliably resolve with treatment at L3 alone. Attempts at arriving at complex models and explanations that do not include the mid lumbar spine as primary cause are of little value.

    • Brad Beer

      Thanks for your comments Geoff. I disagree. Having had localised patellofemoral pain myself for several years my lumbar spine is clear, and no matter how much my L3 verterbrae would get mobilised i expect my symptoms would be ISQ.

  • Rach

    As someone who has been diagnosed with patella femoral pain for 12 months because of severe OA, patella femoral maltracking and a few other bits in my right knee I got so much out of this pod cast. Was one of the best pods I’ve listened too. I took away lots of tips in managing my condition and a better understanding of why things are happening at a mechanical level. 👍🏼

    • Brad Beer


      So pleased this podcast Expert Edition was able to assist you on your journey with your own patellofemoral pain.

      Regards Brad Beer

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