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Chris Blomfield-Brown

In episode 320 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer shares a conversation with Chris Blomfield-Brown around Thermoregulation in Sport in this Expert Edition.

Chris Blomfield-Brown is the Performance and Technology Lead at Core Body Temperature, manufacturing devices to help athletes of all levels measure their core body temperature and through thermo regulation science achieve their physical best.

These devices made by core body temperature are being used extensively within the ranks of the world cycling peloton. Chris outlines many athletes and teams and Federation’s leading into Tokyo 2020 were using the devices to assist the athletes with their heat acclimation strategies.

In this episode Chris discusses physiology and the role of thermo regulation within sports, how we can monitor our core body temperature and why it matters, the relationship between warming up, losing power and decrement in performance, and the concept of thermal load and how we can all apply it to our training to optimise outcomes.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • The Evolution of Core Body Temperature Measurement and Thermo regulation Technology
  • The benefit of monitoring core body temperature
  • Chris explains energy transfer concept
  • Examples of heat training to try and improve the vascular coordination
  • Practical ways to go about heat training
  • How often an athlete would need to do a Heat Ramp Test
  • How often an athlete would need to undertake heat training
  • How Chris sees the future of Monitoring Technology with high performance
  • Racing Strategies
  • Aero vs Cooling
  • The Core Temp Device

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