Bond Appetit podcast with Brad Beer Physiotherapist

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Bond Appetit podcast with Brad Beer Physiotherapist

Our Founder and senior physiotherapist Brad Beer was recently interviewed on the I Tunes chart-topping Bond Appetit podcast with host Ronsley Vaz.

During the interview the following is discussed:

  • What’s behind the book “You Can Run Pain Free”
  • Brad’s experience as a Physiotherapist
  • What are the five steps framework to injury free and enjoy running?
  • Understanding and discovering your running body
  • Running with great technique
  • Running with the correct pair of shoes
  • The importance of Hip stability
  • The power of rest
  • The different running body types  and the issues they go through
  • The magic happens when the five steps are implemented
  • The great techniques and principles in running
  • Identifying  a runner’s body characteristics
  • How the different running bodies run in terms of running techniques
  • The contributing factors of hip stability in getting our muscles strong
  • The power of rest and how important it is for individuals
  • The benefits of running to everyone with the measurable performance it contributes to everyday in terms of getting things done
  • Brad’s philosophies around food
  • Making quality or better decisions to make a substantial difference instead of choosing poor decisions
  • How Brad fuels himself in terms of his peak performance?
  • The importance of hydration
  • Brad’s choice of his own food in order to structure the fueling process
  • Brad’s journey as a business owner

To listen to the podcast interview click HERE.


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