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 Amy Harding

In episode 278 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer shares a conversation with Amy Harding (PhD), Researcher, Menzies Health Institute, Griffith University; Exercise & Bone Health across the Lifespan.

Amy shares around: how we can optimise our skeletal or bone health across our lifespan, what we can do pre puberty, what we can do as adults, and what we can do post menopause.

Amy also shares around MANopause for the ‘blokes’ and what can be done in order to ensure men also have optimal skeletal health & lower likelihood or mobility associated with low bone density or poor bone health such as osteopenia or osteoporosis.

Amy works alongside former featured expert of the show Professor Belinda Beck. Amy has outputted greater than 20 publications in her burgeoning research career. In one landmark study (which she co collaborated with her Griffith University Research colleagues Professor Belinda Beck & Associate Professor Ben Weeks) the LIFTMOR-M trial, Amy and colleagues explored the effects of supervised high intensity resistance and impact training on the bone geometry and strength in middle aged and older men with low bone mass. Amy and her research team discovered a real dearth in the literature around the role of exercise in helping men with low bone mass.

Amy outlines the role that exercise plays in terms of adapting our skeletons, the keys in optimising our skeletal health pre puberty, why it’s important to look at maintaining maximising bone health as an adult, and ways that we can fight the decline post menopause or MANopause in terms of our bone health. Amy shares why high intensity low repetition exercise is so important and why high repetition low resistance exercise doesn’t produce the same positive results on bone adaptation. Amy encourages us that it is never too late to improve our bone health. 

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Why bones are often a ‘forgotten tissue’
  • Clarification of Osteoporosis and Osteopenia as medical conditions 
  • Key awareness stages for bone health across the lifespan
  • Bone size development 
  • Osteoclasts and Osteoblasts: the role of these cells
  • Best change seen in bone health
  • Why heavier is ‘better’ for bones
  • Best Advice (bone health)
  • Best way to Squat (smith rack or back squat)
  • Amy’s future projects 
  • Physical Challenge of the Week 

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 “Some research might suggest that even a 10% increase peak aerial bone mineral density when you’re young may delay the onset of osteoperosis for maybe a decade to 15 years”
“Osteoperosis is a geriatric condition but its really got paediatric origins”
“There’s always time that you can modify your geometry”
“You might not necessarily always change the area of bone mineral density, but you can change the geometry to make the bone stronger”
“Reduce alcohol intake and try quit smoking” – Best Advice
“If you’ve got a bike somewhere in your house, set it up, tune into SBS to watch the Tour de France stage and hop on your bike for an hour” – Physical Challenge

To follow Amy Harding

Twitter: @Amy_T_Harding
Linkedin: @AmyThereseHarding
Griffith University News: @GriffithUniversity



Research Gate Profile – Amy Harding

Menzies Health Institute Queensland

Research Gate Profile – Stuart Warden

Indiana University School of Medicine – Stuart Warden

Indiana University; Citations – Stuart Warden

Research Gate Profile – Steven Watson



00:00 Start
4:40 Welcome Amy
6:47 Why bones are the forgotten tissue
9:30 Clarification of Osteoporosis and Osteopenia
12:57 Key Awareness ages for bone health
17:58 Bone size development 
22:44 Osteoclasts and Osteoblasts
24:26 Lift more trial
46:08 Osteoporosis Medications
51:24 Best change seen in Bone Health
53:16 Why is heavier better for bones?
56:55 Best Advice (Bone Health)
1:00.00 Best way to Squat (Smith rack?)
1:03:30 Amy’s future
1:05:43 Physical Challenge
1:11:22 Finish

People Mentioned

Professor Belinda Beck – Bone Health Expert, Episode 82 of The Physical Performance Show
Stuart Warden PhD – Professor of Physical Therapy, School of Health & Human Sciences
Dr Steven Watson PhD and MD – LIFTMOR trial

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