What’s so great about pilates?

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Before I answer that question about the benefits of pilates, ask yourself these questions.

  • Have you ever experienced or are you currently experiencing pain of some sort in your daily life?

  • Do you feel you are not performing at your best? Whether that is just in day to day living or in a specific sport or activity?

  • Are you concerned about the longevity of your body? i.e. not being able to do the things you want because your body won’t let you?

Well then Pilates is what you need to be doing. Pilates will enable you to live pain and injury free so that you can do the things you love to do.

Would you like to experience any of the following?

  • Performance improvements in your chosen sport?

  • Increased feelings of wellbeing and energy?

  • Just being able to do the simple things in life without restriction?

  • A workout that will leave you feeling stronger, taller and more energised rather than worn out?

Then Pilates is what you’re after. Age or ability doesn’t matter. We cater to all.

So don’t delay, get on the phone and book your first session today and start improving your life today. Or if you have any other questions we are more than happy to answer those for you.

Pilates Pete

POGO Pilates Instructor


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