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Sam Appleton

Episode 70: Sam Appleton – 70.3 Triathlon Champion

Brad Beer recently sat down with Sam Appleton – 70.3 Triathlon Champion for Episode 70 of The Physical Performance Show podcast.

Brad has a fire-side chat with Sam unpacks around how he got started in 70.30 triathlons, his training, key insights into recovery and his recent successes.

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In this episode Sam shares:

  • Something that scares Sam
  • Growing up with 3 brothers
  • Cairns Ironman win
  • Studying at university
  • Training for 70.3 Triathlon
  • Key insights in recovery
  • Performance Round Questions
  • Sam’s worse injury
  • Sam’s best advice
  • Physical Challenge – 2min wall sit

To follow Sam Appleton

To follow Sam on social @samappo (Insta), @sam_appo (Twitter), Facebook

Sam Appleton’s Website

Sam Appleton Sam Appleton


0:00 Start
6:00 Something that scare Sam
9:00 Growing up with 3 brothers
14:50 Cairns Ironman win
21:50 Studying at university
27:00 Training for 70.3 Triathlon
31:30 Key insights in recovery
35:15 Performance Round Questions
43:00 Sam’s worse injury
53:20 Sam’s best advice
56:20 Physical Challenge – 2min wall sit
63:14 Finish

Sam Appleton

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  • Vic is a runner

    Checking on the podcasts episodes titles and they all sound appealing. If there is something motivating me to run, is the running giants like the ones you guys have on the show. Checking right after this comment on my phone, hopefully I can find you on my Android podcasts app. Cheers! Vic

    • Sophie Walker

      Hi Vic,
      Yes they are all great motivational running tools before, during or after! Keep tuned with have some big names running off and you should be able to find us on andriod!

      • Vic @ Dinocracy

        yes, I found the podcast on Pocket Casts. cheers! Vic

      • Brad Beer

        Thanks Sophie,

        Vic thanks for your support of the podcast 🙂

        Happy training + racing!

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