Team Member Spotlight: Anna Jowitt’s Journey

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Anna Jowitt doesn’t really need to explain how much she enjoys her admin role at POGO, it’s written on her face.

With a beaming smile and warm welcome, she greets clients to the practice without one skerrick of pretence.

With a beaming smile and warm welcome. #performbetter @pogophysio Click To Tweet

Anna, whose main responsibility is looking after the WorkCover clients who come through the doors, says sharing the journey of POGO’s “heroes” is one of the best aspects of the position she took on in January 2016.

“We just love getting to know the clients and getting to know their story,” she said.

“We all sympathise with them if they have setbacks … they don’t need to be an athlete for us to become invested in their journey.

“And the ones on the Finish Line programs, they’re in all the time, we know where they are up to and what progress they are making.

“And when they reach their Finish Line we all just love it so much, it is such a celebration for them and knowing they’ll be able to continue on doing what they love to do. It’s a great feeling.

And when they reach their Finish Line we all just love it so much, it is such a celebration. #performbetter @pogophysio Click To Tweet

“Obviously they are doing the hard work with the physios but we’re all part of it.”

The former Armidale primary school teacher moved north with partner Michael in 2014 when his career as a pilot led to him being based out of Gold Coast Airport.

“Moving to a different state I decided to do something different,” Anna says.

“I was a crèche co-ordinator – child minding manager – at a gym and then had six months at a podiatrist.

“I was aware of POGO and saw a vacancy on their social media, applied and got the job.”

While living at Currumbin and becoming part of a great circle of friends has made the move to Gold Coast a good one, Anna says the friendships at POGO are on a par.

“We genuinely enjoy working here. We all get along so well and it’s such a young team. I’m one of the oldies at 32,” Anna says.

And there are two subjects Anna is only too willing to chat about if the opportunity arises … her nine-year-old staffy Diesel and the Hawthorn Football Club.

“I’ve had Diesel since he was a puppy,” she said.

“He loves the beach and his frisby … he’s very spoilt.

“The beach, we call it ‘That Place’ because we can’t say the word ‘beach’ unless we are going.”

The dog lover even keeps treats behind the POGO front counter and has been known to dash outside to offer them up to passing pooches.

Her love of the Hawks goes back even further to her childhood in Mildura.

“We’ve always followed the Hawks,” she says.

“All my mum’s family follow Hawthorn, my grandad was the team dentist for a while and my mum’s godson is Richie Vandenberg who was captain for a while.”


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