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Running and Jogging

After becoming a best-seller on release in 2015 You CAN Run Pain Free! has gone on to be read and enjoyed by thousands of runners worldwide. After 18 months of manuscript updates the 2nd Revised & Expanded Edition of You CAN Run Pain Free! was released in paperback in July 2018 with the aim of providing readers with contemporary and progressive insights since the book’s first release.

After a further several months You CAN Run Pain Free! Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition is now also available internationally via Amazon.

Why the 2nd Edition?

I wanted to update and expand on key concepts from the 1st Edition. There was new science and research findings to communicate, and I believed important subsequent information that would add value to the reader’s quest of pursuing injury-free and faster running.

What’s new?

The original 5 steps (see below) have been expanded upon to include new and contemporary research updates and progressive information. Some of this information includes:

New information and content includes:

  • Run with great technique: the latest science on cadence and how it affects your running, including how to best integrate gait retraining for success.
  • Treadmill running tips and how it differs to overground or road running.
  • How to best ‘train’ your tendons for effective running
  • Footwear: the difference between traditional motion control shoes, minimalist shoes, and the new era of maximalist shoes.
  • Finding the training ‘sweet spot’ and how to use tools to help reduce injury risk such as using the acute on chronic workload ratio.
  • 80/20 running and how implementing this principle into your training can help you discover your true running potential
  • and much more

Revised & Expanded Edition launch offer

The Revised and Expanded Edition offers readers 375 pages of guidance for how to enjoy injury-free and faster running.

Unlock your true running potential by ordering your copy now:

  • The paperback and digital versions of the 2nd Revised & Expanded Edition are available now from Amazon HERE>> or Book Depository HERE>>
  • Or domestically the paperback inside Australia is available HERE>>
  • The 1st Edition is available in audio format via Audible and ibooks
  • And other stores such as:

To celebrate the release of the 2nd Edition there’s a launch special (25% OFF $29.95RRP) by simply adding the promo code: runpainfree25 from POGO Physio.

To order your copy click HERE>>

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