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David Bailey

In episode 275 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer shares a conversation with David Bailey (PhD) Head of Performance Team Bahrain Victorious (UCI World Cycling). High Performance in the Peloton in this Expert Edition.

Dr David started his career in 2007 as a Senior Physiologist at the English Institute of Sport between 2009 and 2012, he was responsible for the management of the multidisciplinary scientific support for the British Triathlon Team in preparation for their London 2012 campaign and was managing performance projects and training programs for Alistair & Jonny Brownlee, Stuart Hayes, Helen Jenkins, Vicki Holland and Lucy Hall.

David spent several years as a Senior Scientist at Nestle Research Centre as a Project Manager and Sports Nutrition Specialist responsible for product innovation, before moving into the professional cycling world as the Head of Performance for BMC Racing Team between 2014-2018 where he was responsible for the management of the team’s performance division responsible for coaching, scientific testing, equipment development, nutrition and psychology, managing Tour de France World Time Trial Championship and cycling monuments projects where he worked closely with Australian legendary cyclists such as Richie Porte and Rohan Dennis.

David is overseeing the Head of Performance Role for Team Bahrain McLaren, now Team Bahrain Victorious, managing performance projects focused on athlete physical preparation, equipment development, sports nutrition, and all related performance interventions that target success at a world cycling to a level.

In this episode David shares around putting successful teams together, goal setting for a season, performance insights including the use of measurables and data, fuelling for performance, the important distinction between body composition and body weight of an athlete and David clarifies his beliefs and approach around the law of marginal gains and issues a physical challenge for the week.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Davids’ typical day
  • Cycling Coach approach
  • Goal Setting & Team Building Process
  • Career high
  • Darkest Day
  • Insight into Athletes highs’s and lows
  • Insight on the demands of fuelling
  • Cycling ideal body weight
  • Clarification around the misunderstandings of marginal gains
  • Methods on weighting
  • Trainability of an athlete
  • Monitoring performance
  • Masters athletes
  • Best advice
  • Physical Challenge

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 “Cycling is basically the headstart.”
 “It’s a game changer to have a vision for the year.”
“You learn to deal with the downs more than the ups.”
 “Consistency” – Best Advice
 “Incorporate High Intensity session to your training.” Physical Challenge

To follow Dr David Bailey

Instagram: @dmbailey1
Twitter: @BaileyDM


00:00 Start
05:02 Davids’ typical day
08:20 Cycling Coach approach
14:34 Goal Setting & Team Building Process
18:05 Career high
20:20 Darkest Day
21:32 Insight into Athletes highs’s and lows
25:58 Insight on the demands of fuelling
34:10 Cycling ideal body weight
39:46 Clarification around the misunderstandings of marginal gains
44:30 Methods on weighting
48:00 Trainability of an athlete
50:14 Monitoring performance
53:50 Masters athletes
56:06 Best advice
56:48 Physical Challenge
1:01:41 Finish

People Mentioned

Jonny Brownlee – Double Olympic & Commonwealth Medallist, Episode 216 of The Physical Performance Show
Alistair Brownlee – British triathlete
Stuart Hayes – English triathlete
Helen Jenkins –  Two-time Triathlon World Champion
Vicky Holland – English triathlete
Lucy Hall – English triathlete
Rachel Neylan – Australian professional road cyclist
Phil Burt –  Former British Cycling & Team Sky Cycling Physiotherapist ‘Cycling Fundamentals & Bike Fit’, Episode 242 of The Physical Performance Show
Dr. Stephen Seiler – Sports Scientist – Polarised Training, Episode 172, 219 & 226 of The Physical Performance Show
Richie Porte – Australian professional road bicycle racer

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