The Physical Performance Show: Brooke Stratton (OLY) Dual Olympic Long Jump Finalist, NR Holder, 4x AUS Champ

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Brooke Stratton

In episode 298 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer shares a conversation with Brooke Stratton (OLY) Dual Olympic Long Jump Finalist, NR Holder, 4x AUS Champ on this Featured Performer episode.

Brooke Stratton commenced her little athletics career at the age of five, winning the Under 9 Years Victorian State Title before commencing on to Junior World Championships and a successful Junior worlds career before entering the senior ranks.

In Tokyo 2021, Brooke was an Olympic finalist finishing 7th place with a jump of 6.83m where Brooke later commented that she could walk away with her head held high knowing that she gave it her all. During the lead up to Tokyo, Brooke was dealing with a troublesome knee injury and in the prior years, Brooke had struggled with her health with regards to a diagnosis around Celiac disease and Hashimotos.

This is a great tale of overcoming and persevering, in this episode Brooke recounts how she prepared for Tokyo knowing that she was less than her best in the pursuit of one’s physical best performance.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Her Tokyo experience and accomplishments
  • Career highlights
  • Her take-off training & run velocity
  • Brooke’s Psychological resilience
  • Brooke’s Father as her Coach and supporter
  • Mindset on one bad performance 
  • Moments of frustration
  • Her Mechanics of jumping
  • Brooke’s diagnosis with Hashimotos & Celiac disease
  • Her first Olympic dream
  • What she learnt from Cathy Freeman
  • Darkest day of her career
  • Performance round
  • Physical Challenge
  • Best Advice
  • Advice to help people realise potential
  • Her special moment with this Father

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“If my mind was right, that would definitely take care of the physical side of things.”
“It’s so important to surround yourself with people that are going to be able to lift you up ”
“You can’t let one bad training session or one bad competition reflect on the way you see things.”
“It’s just that easy to lose confidence but not that easy to gain it back.”

Top tip on managing celiac disease
1. Manage it the best as you can
2. Don’t let it think it will hold you back in any way

“Determined” – Competition style
“Feeling really focused.” – Being in the zone
“Standing Long jump” – Physical Challenge
“Listen to those around you in your support team.” – Best Advice
“Show up every day.” – Advice to people to help realise potential

To follow Brooke Stratton

Instagram: @brookestratton
Twitter: @brookestratts
Facebook: @brookestrattonlj


00:00 Start
03:18 Welcome Brooke 
04:00 Tokyo experience and accomplishments
07:40 Career highlights
11:00 Her take-off training & run velocity
14:09 Brooke’s Psychological resilience
22:06 Brooke’s Father as her Coach and supporter
24:02 Mindset on one bad performance
26:50 Moments of frustration
27:40 Her Mechanics of jumping
31:50 Brooke’s diagnosis with Hashimotos & Celiac disease
40:50 Her first Olympic dream
42:50 What she learnt from Cathy Freeman
44:00 Darkest day of her career
47:45 Performance round
52:43 Physical Challenge
54:10 Best Advice
55:23 Advice to help people realise potential
56:06 Her special moment with her Father/Coach
59:19 Finish

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People Mentioned

Russell Stratton – Father and Coach
Cathy Freeman – Australian former runner
Brittney Reese – American long jumper, Olympic gold medalist, and a seven-time world champion.

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