Wind Back Your Clock on Your Pelvic Floor

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POGO’s women’s health expert Emily Georgopoulos comments on a terrific pelvic floor device that is helping many people overcome incontinence issues.

Kegel exercises have been around for years. They are exercises that work your pelvic floor and help to strengthen the muscle. But, a new device on the market is revolutionising your kegel workout.  It is called the KGoal and it is a smartphone app based device that helps to monitor your pelvic floor exercises, track progress and help you to keep that part of your body strong and healthy.  Miss Georgopoulos told Starts at 60 that the device is great as it helps you to perform the exercises correctly, acting like a digital physio.  “The easy to use device gives you real time feedback via vibration of the device or using their simple app on your smart phone. The KGoal has workouts planned in the app so you no longer have to count and motivate yourself.”

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