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Episode 39: Best of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games

In this episode of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer shares with you highlights from some recent podcasts of the elite athletes that performed at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Be inspired by the stories on how they got started right through to their best tips. This is a great way to put a bow on the year that was and to highlight some of the athletes that went to Rio in 2016.

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In this episode be inspired by:

2016 Rio 2016 Rio


0:00 Start
3:30 Ep: 36 – Dane Bird-Smith
21:00 Ep 32 – Eloise Wellings
39:40 Ep: 30 – Genevieve LaCaze
46:40 Ep 31 – Ryan Gregson
62:00 Ep 34 – Jess Trengove
72:54 Finish

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