The Physical Performance Show: Dr Nick Fuller, Research Program Lead Uni Sydney, Founder Interval Weight Loss: The Physiology of Weight Loss

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Dr Nick Fuller

In episode 268 of The Physical Performance Show, Brad Beer shares a conversation with Dr Nick Fuller, Research Program Lead Uni Sydney, Founder Interval Weight Loss: The Physiology of Weight Loss on this Expert Edition.

This episode is not just a conversation that matters to people looking to lose weight, but it’s also crucial for the driven athlete, particularly in endurance sports or power weight based sports who is conscious of their body weight. It’s also relevant for practitioners and of course coaches and athletes of any level, get ready to have your paradigm shifted around weight loss.

Dr Nick fuller is the research program lead at the University of Sydney where he consults at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Dr Nick fuller is the founder of the Interval Weight Loss Method, the author of, “Interval Weight Loss”, “Interval Weight Loss for Life” and “Interval Weight Loss for Women”. Dr Nick holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Obesity Treatment, a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Movement, a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. Dr Nick has published in top ranked journals in the medical field including Jama Lancet, International Journal of Obesity Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Dr Nick has 69 peer reviewed publications to his name and his work has resulted in policy change in the field of obesity and metabolic disease.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Introduction to Dr Nick Fuller
  • Body Shutdown
  • Fad diets
  • Body adapting to new weight
  • 4 week intervals
  • Fixation on scales
  • Restriction and depravation
  • Top 3 mistakes around weightloss
  • Physical Challenge
  • Best Advice

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To follow Dr Nick Fuller:

Twitter: @drnickfuller
Linkedin: NickFuller
Website: intervalweightloss
Academic Profile: theuniversityofsydney


6 key steps to weightloss success practical guide to reprogramming your body how to trick your body


0:00 Start
4:15 Introduction to Dr Nick Fuller
13:00 Body Shutdown
16:30 Fad diets
23:30 Body adapting to new weight
29:00 4 week intervals
36:00 Fixation on scales
45:00 Restriction and depravation
49:00 Top 3 mistakes around weightloss
54:00 Physical Challenge
55:20 Best Advice
1:04:25 Finish

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