Do You Struggle With Sciatica?

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If you struggle with sciatica the following tips will be of use in managing your symptoms. Sciatica symptoms can include: pain, pins and needles, or numbness extending into the buttock and/or lower leg. Some sciatic pain sufferers will report pain that extends into their toes. As a general rule the further down the leg the symptoms are felt the greater the degree of irritation at the nerve root level. Naturally if your symptoms are worsening don’t delay seeing your health professional.

For relief and recovery try the below top tips:

  1. Stretch your gluteals (bottom muscles): tight gluts will increase the pressure on the sciatic nerve. Stretching the gluteal muscles will reduce load on the nerve and ease symptoms. View a great glut stretch that will help you with your sciatic pain here.
  2. Stretch your hip flexors. As with tight gluteals tight hip flexors will increase loading on the lower back and therefore the exiting nerve roots. For a good hip flexor stretch click here.
  3. Mobilise your thoracic spine. A stiff thoracic spine (middle of your back) also increases loading on the lower back. The result is a greater degree of irritation of the exiting nerve roots.
  4. Avoid periods of prolonged sitting. Prolonged sitting can increase the load on the lower back and exiting nerve roots. Try minimising sitting to 30min blocks.
  5. Monitor your body weight. If you carry a surplus of weight more than your ideal body weight this increases the irritation of the lower back and will worsen your pain.
  6. Go for a walk. When you walk your back is in an upright or extended position as opposed to a stooped and rounded position where the nerve roost can be more easily irritated.

Brad Beer (APAM)

POGO Physio

Do You Struggle With Sciatica? You shouldn't have too, just follow these tips! Do You Struggle With Sciatica? You shouldn’t have too, just follow these tips!

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