10 Shoulder Pain FAQs – Radio Interview Brad Beer

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Our senior physio Brad Beer was recently interviewed by Dr Peter Heiner on 4CRB radio for the popular Health Matters Program on the topic of shoulder pain.

Shoulder pain represents an enormous burden on society with up to 16% of the population suffering from shoulder pain in any given month. Furthermore, just 50% of shoulder injuries will recover inside a month, meaning that there is a high rate of lingering pain and dysfunction.

In this radio interview you will discover answers to the following 10 frequently asked questions that relate to the management and diagnosis of shoulder pain and physiotherapy:

1. What is the prevalence of shoulder pain in the population?

2. What are shoulder conditions can occur through a life cycle (human life) at different stages?

3. What can go wrong and cause pain in a shoulder?

4. What are the most common conditions that I see as a physiotherapist?

5. What does nighttime pain mean?

6. What is frozen shoulder?

7. If I have a sore shoulder what do I do?

8.  What scans are of benefit?

9. What can be done by a physio to help shoulder pain?

10. What can be done at home to help shoulder pain?

To listen to the interview click BELOW.



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