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Scott Bowden

In episode 289 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer shares a conversation with Scott Bowden (OLY) 2016 Olympic Cyclist on this Featured Performer episode.

Scott Bowden is an Australian mountain biking and road cyclist who currently rides for French team Bourg-en-Bresse. Scott rode in the road race in the 2016 Rio Olympic Summer Games and also in the mountain bike cross country event.

Recently Scott fought his way back from illness, injury and being dropped from his long term team to secure a podium finish in the elite mens national road race in one of Australian cycling’s greatest national title shootout to date.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Welcome Scott
  • Being on the Podium at National Championships
  • Scotts Training and Racing Experience
  • How he started his Mountain Biking career
  • How he realized his potential
  • Scott’s journey and process to becoming a Professional Cyclist
  • Key constituents in training
  • Key constituents in training
  • Fuelling tips for the Endurance Rider and Athlete
  • Scott’s Carbohydrate and Protein intake
  • Performance Round
  • Best Advice
  • Physical Challenge

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“The adventure side of it is what made me probably fall in love with it initially.”
“I don’t compare myself to other people.”
“I enjoy the process more and I enjoy the racing more.”
“It’s also the holistic benefits of things like injury prevention, also just being a bit more robust as an athlete, being more efficient on the bike, particularly because cycling isn’t always all about peak numbers. It’s about fatigue resistance.”
“Get knocked down 99 times get up 100” – Mantra
“Persistent” – Racing style
“Confidence that no one can ride away from you.” – Being in the Zone

Best Advice
– Patience
– Persistence
– Passion

“Ride twice the distance of what you have currently done.” – Physical Challenge

To follow Scott Bowden

Instagram: @scottbowden
Twitter: @scottbowden95
Strava: Scott Bowden


00:00 Start
03:28 Welcome Scott
06:08 Being on the Podium at National Championships
09:45 Scott’s Training and Racing Experience
14:00 How he started his Mountain Biking career
19:43 How he realized his potential
21:45 Scott’s journey and process to becoming a Professional Cyclist
26:35 Key constituents in training
32:38 Fuelling tips for the Endurance Rider and Athlete
40:28 Scott’s Carbohydrate and Protein intake
47:35 Performance Round
55:40 Best Advice
56:04 Physical Challenge
1:01:25 Finish

People Mentioned

Cameron Meyer – Australian Professional Racing Cyclist
Kelland O’Brien –  Australian Racing Cyclist
Rohan Dennis – Australian Professional Road Racing Cyclist
Simon Clarke –  Australian Professional Road Racing Cyclist
Richie Porte – Australian Professional Road Bicycle Racer
Simon Gerrans (OLY): Dual AUS Road Champ, Grand Tours multi stage winner, Episode 282 The Physical Performance Show
Philip Grant Anderson OAM – British-born Australian former Professional Racing Cyclist
Adam Hansen – Australian Ironman Triathlete and former Professional Road Bicycle Racer

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