Side Bridge – Core stability Exercise

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Side Bridge

This is a commonly prescribed core stability exercise at POGO.

The exercise is known as the ‘side bridge’. It is very effective for the rehabilitation of lower back pain and as an exercise to address core stability deficits for other conditions including: hip pain, knee pain, running injuries, and even foot and ankle pain.

Muscles Targeted

The exercise targets activation and early stage strengthening of the:
-gluteus medius


– hold the hips in line with the shoulder and ankle (ie no dropping of the pelvis towards the ground)
– minimise twisting of the hips

Performing the Exercise

– aim for 30second holds each side focussing on the above.

– Repeat twice.


-start with a half bridge off the knees and progress to a full plank off the feet.
-build up hold times to 1 min on each side.
-Repeat two-three sets of the 1min holds.
-progress to eyes closed holds
-progress to hand over head or in time side scissor kicks click HERE

If you encounter pain check with your health care practitioner or physiotherapist.

For more great stretches and exercises that target these areas click HERE

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